Montpellier Integrated Fridges

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Integrated & Built In Fridges

However you like to say it, integrated fridges are fantastic for streamlined and seamless refrigeration. They fit perfectly behind a cupboard or cabinet door, so your fridge won’t disturb the design of your kitchen or larder. Getting an integrated fridge may seem easy, however there are a few things you need to consider before buying one for your kitchen.

Integrated Fridge Fitting

Integrated fridges are fantastic for kitchens with less space. We have In Column fridges, which are great for fitting into tall cabinets, or we have Built Under Fridges which are great for fitting into smaller under your counter spaces. When you’re considering your new integrated fridge, make sure to have a measurement of the height, width and depth so you know how well the fridge is going to fit in to the designated space.

A lot of our customers like to place an integrated fridge and an integrated freezer next to each other. This provides you with lots of fridge and freezer space to play with, similar to an American Fridge Freezer, but a lot more streamlined for your kitchen.

Integrated Fridge Brands

We have a range of great brands for you to browse. This Hotpoint Integrated fridge is one of our bestsellers and has brilliant reviews. Liebherr and Bosch are some of our more upscale brands, which you will notice the improvement of material quality and features. Hisense, Hotpoint and Montpellier are our cheaper brands, they provide great performance but will be kinder on your pocket.