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Whirlpool’s W Collection induction hobs

Unleash your inner chef…

Cooking like a chef has never been so easy thanks to Whirlpool’s new W Collection induction hobs. You don’t have to be super talented in the kitchen to cook to perfection with every dish you make from now on. I mean, if beans on toast is more your speciality, Whirlpool’s new hobs could see you expanding your culinary horizon with the simple touch of a button.

Whirlpool’s 6th SENSE technology button activates a menu with three specific functions for three different cooking experiences;

  • Assisted cooking
  • Chef control
  • Flexifull

Let’s have a look at all the fantastic features of the W Collection induction hobs;

Assisted cooking…
The assisted cooking function will guide you step by step through your recipe, ensuring outstanding cooking results. You cannot go wrong with this. The Assisted Display includes real time tips and alerts from start to finish. Simply follow the instructions and It’ll give you a step by step cooking process so you cook to perfection every time you cook.

Chef control…
The hob areas are pre-set into four different temperature zones to allow you to move your recipe whenever you need to change the cooking method. Sear your favourite meat with high temperature, then move the pot to the medium area to cook through and then move it again to keep it warm until it’s time to serve.

The upper right area is set to a high temperature, making it perfect for boiling, searing meat and other cooking methods which require a high heat.

The upper left and lower right areas are to set to a medium temperature, making them ideal for simmering food and allowing it to cook through and any slow cooking.

Finally, the lower left area is set to a low temperature making it perfect for melting butter and chocolate or simply for keeping your dishes warm once they are ready.

Chef Control

As the name may suggest, cook anywhere on the completely flexible surface with pans of all shapes and sizes. The whole induction hob becomes one giant easy to manage area for you to freely position your pots and pans. Flexibility at its finest.


Whirlpool’s Smartsense technology automatically senses and adapts the temperature to perfect up to 63 cooking combinations. You really don’t have to worry about anything. Let your hob do all the hard work for you, you can take all the credit!

If you are familiar with Whirlpool’s appliances you may have already heard of iXelium, and if not then I’ll tell you. iXelium brings everlasting beauty by protecting your appliances, (your hob in this case) from scratches. A lot of hobs can be scratched when moving the pans around but not with an iXelium finish. Keep your hob shiny with that first-day shine and more importantly scratch free!


SmartChef leverages the latest AI technology to deliver a truly interactive and informative cooking experience. Fancy a chat? You can chat with SmartChef at any time, simply by accessing the SmartChef Facebook app. Perfect!


The new W Collection currently consists of three SmartCook induction models, two 6 burner models and one 8 burner model and all finished in stunning black. This collection is elegant, essential and harmonious. The ultra-flat design will make the perfect addition to every kitchen.

For more excellent cooking appliances, head to our cooking section. If you’re looking to upgrade different areas of your home, we have some amazing high-tech appliances in our refrigeration section, including our American-Style Fridge Freezers, our laundry section as well as some powerful extraction solutions. If you require more information on these hobs or any of Whirlpool’s appliances, please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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