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We Need to Tell you About the Samsung RF24FSEDBSR Fridge Freezer.. with £100 Trade-In

Appliance City - Samsung Cooling Range

Here’s a guide to the Samsung RF24FSEDBSR, this model currently comes with a free NX300 camera and if you purchase with Appliance City we’ll give you £100 trade in on your old model and free recycling.. So why should you consider it?

Every now and then a product comes along with so many features it needs to be spoken about in a little bit more detail than our website goes into. This has to be said for the Samsung RF24FSEDBSR.



This 4 door French styled Fridge Freezer is packed full of quirky ideas to help you get the best from your refrigeration.

1. Movable Shelves

Isn’t it annoying when you don’t have enough room to get those bottles of juice in, if only you could alter the configuration to steal that tiny bit of space to get them in? The RF24FSEDBSR comes with a slide and fold shelf, allowing to halve or even remove the space it takes up.. without taking the shelf out of the fridge.


2. Smart Divider

Why oh why have we put up with rigid compartments? With Samsung’s smart divider you can alter 4 compartments to fit your storage needs. This system is very simple.. but so effective.


3. Counter Height Mid Drawer

Imagine the scenario: Unexpected guests have arrived.. The wine is a bit dusty and stuck in the cupboard unchilled. Or maybe the fresh cream scones you’ve just bought from the supermarket aren’t quite as cold as when you picked them up, you saw your friend and had a little catch up after you’d paid for the shopping and those cakes need chilling quickly.

Well fear not, the mid drawer of this fridge freezer in these scenarios becomes your best friend. Not only conveniently made to be at counter height it also has 4 temperature settings to allow for quick cooling of items. Fresh fish at minus one,  drop the wine in at 5 degrees, those slightly warm cream cakes will soon chill at a cool 3 degrees.


4. Touch control

As if these features weren’t enough, Samsung have upped the “cool” factor and added a touch screen to give you control over the fridge freezer. Here you can choose to power cool the fridge, change temperature settings, pop the unit on energy saving mode but don’t worry a child lock has been built in as well, just in case the kids fancy a play!



The RF24FSEDBSR comes with the features you would also expect, plumbed ice and water with a choice of crushed or cubes. Masses upon masses of space, no frost, double drawer freezer compartment, an A+ energy rating and let’s not forget Samsung’s amazing 5 year warranty. There is even a ten year warranty on the compressor.

For more information, to enquire or purchase click here to go through to our main website

We felt words and pictures alone can not justify this creation, so we will shortly be filming a run through of the product. Keep your eyes peeled..!

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