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Up To £100 Cashback When You Buy A New AEG Appliance

Appliance City - AEG Cashback Event

Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results. That’s why AEG are dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion – your own personal definition of perfection. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of everything they do…. it shapes design, advancements in technology, hence the Neue Kollektion.

Style is never an accident. For over a hundred years AEG have been using cutting egde designers to help create and develop their products, recognising that good design doesn’t just make things easy on the eye, but easier for you to use too. Following a seamless line to the present day, the Neue Kollektion combines high performance with excellent German design: form und funktion.

Perfekt in form. AEG design continues the great tradition of form und funktion, working perfectly together. In the Neue Kollektion, horizontal lines give a sense of flow and integrity across all appliances, while vertical lines delineate the intuitive control panels. High-value materials are used, but the number of different materials is kept to a minimum, for purity and consistency.

Radical thinking, rigorous application. AEG are not afraid to do things differently, but innovations must be proven by being tested again and again and again. For example, the AEG MaxiKlasse ovens have been developed with the advanced ThermiC Hot Air cooking system. It uses air circulation within a larger interior space to give more even cooking, for the perfect crust and colour every time – a major advantage, but one that had to undergo intensive testing with many types of food and recipes.

Noticeable difference. Design innovation is a continuous process. But changes aren’t made for change sake: in every case, innovation brings a benefit that significantly improves results. AEG’s ProClean dishwashers, for example, have a satellite spray arm that gives water coverage where other dishwashers can not, for superior cleaning regardless of load.

For a limited time, AEG are offering cashback on many of there Neue Kollektion appliances. Ranging between £20 to £100, its a little thank you from AEG for choosing the most stylish, practical and technologically advanced appliances on the market. See table of cashback and models below:

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