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Haier Introduce the World’s First 1m Wide Fridge Freezer

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It’s not often that we can introduce a new appliance with as many ‘world firsts’ as this rather spectacular Haier Fridge Freezer but today we can with the HB25-FSSAA (part of the 4D series/ 4D S100)

Already taking Europe by storm, the HB25-FSSAA is the world’s first premium-design 1m wide refrigerator and not only that, but Haier is the first home appliance manufacturer in the world to offer customers a lifetime warranty* on the refrigerators compressor…

…Phew! We’re excited! So without further ado, let’s find out more about the HB25-FSSAA.

World’s First lifetime warranty on a refrigerator. Situated in the core of the cooling system, the compressor is one of the most important parts of any refrigerator. With that in mind, Haier have produced a product which will maintain optimal performance levels year after year. They are so certain of the design and build, that the HB25-FSSAA (4D S100) comes with a lifetime warranty on the compressor. How’s that for piece of mind?

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | Largest Capacity - 685 litres

The Largest Capacity of its Kind. The 685L net storage capacity of the Haier HB25-FSSAA is 35% higher than that of a typical 4-door American refrigerator, giving large households and growing families all the space they need to store their favourite foods.

So why one metre wide? The new HB25-FSSAA is significantly wider (100.5cm) and deeper (77cm) than a regular refrigerator. Haier believe these dimensions are better suited for integration into new-generation kitchens, which are often designed around the refrigerator.

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | MyZone Compartments

MyZone – Your fridge your way! The HB25-FSSAA  offers two MyZone compartments, which can be customised to suit your needs with a simple touch of a button. The refrigerator can quickly adapt to all your cooling needs, such as rapid cooling, fruit and vegetable storage, defrosting or a 0°C chiller zone, perfect for meat or fish.

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | Total No Frost

Total No Frost Technology . The HB25-FSSAA uses Total No Frost Technology to completely prevent frost from forming in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and for better cool air distribution throughout the refrigerator. So you can happily wave goodbye to defrosting the freezer – Maintenance has never been easier!

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | LED Lighting

Low energy LED Lighting The HB25-FSSAA is equipped with an LED light that covers the back of the fridge and is innovatively designed to gradually increase in brightness from the moment you open the door. What’s more, LED lighting uses less energy than conventional lighting, lasts longer and shines light on every corner of your fridge.

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | Low Noise Level

Whisper Quiet. With a noise level below 40 decibel, the HB25-FSSAA is the most silent fridge of its kind, which is great for open plan living.

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | Automatic Ice Maker

Non-Plumb Automatic Ice Maker. Thanks to Haier’s innovative ice making concept, you can enjoy cubed ice whenever you want with the automatic ice maker. Simply fill a special compartment located on the fridge door and find your ice in a dedicated compartment on the top freezer drawer. There is no plumbing required, making things nice and simple.

NEW Haier 4D Series 100 - 4DS100 Fridge Freezer | A++ Energy Efficiency Rating

A++ Energy Rating. You’ll be pleased to know that the HB25-FSSAA  has an A++ energy efficiency rating. That’s 25% higher than that of an A+ rated product and guarantees a minimal impact on the environment.

Sounds great, when can I buy?

The HB25-FSSAA (4D Series 100/ 4D S100) is not currently available in the UK but will be launching in November 2014. If you’d like any more information, do feel free to contact us on 0115 965 1937 and we’ll be happy to give you any updates. Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about Haier and their products or innovations just click here.

* See Haier UK for details    

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