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The NEW Classic Upgrade


Rangemaster are THE market leaders when it comes to range cookers. From the distinctive design of the Elan, to the contemporary styling of the nexus and traditional classic, Rangemaster is famous for its style and functionality. They have a long history stretching back over 200 years making them the oldest range cooker manufacturer to date. Having spent some years investing in their British factory based in Leamington Spa, Rangemaster now have a new state of the art design and production centre, meaning their 90cm, 100cm and 110cm range cookers are made here in the UK.

So, the Rangemaster Classic is a classic in every sense. The classic has bevelled doors, elegant windows and a towel rail, offering you everything you’d expect from a traditional range cooker. It’s a spacious, fully programmable oven with a separate glide-out grill and high-powered wok burner. The classic also comes complete with a host of other Rangemaster extras making it the perfect cooker for any home. We wouldn’t expect anything else though, would we?

The iconic Classic range cooker however has had an upgrade. A beneficial upgrade too. An upgrade that has the consumer in mind.

Now featuring a single piece hotplate, new robust handles and controls, and an improved plinth design. Let the Classic be the centre of attention in your kitchen. I mean after all, it deserves to be.

The Classic has always been a very popular model within the Rangemaster portfolio with its traditional styling and key design elements. Over recent months Rangemaster have made several key improvements to the classic design which will offer consumers greater cooking flexibility. We like to consider ourselves as budding chefs, even if we’re, well terrible at cooking. So, to have a range cooker that has features to aid the progression of our culinary skills makes all the difference. And of course, it helps that the cooker looks so good too.

So, what’s new?

  • Single piece hotplate
  • 6 burners on 110cm models and 5 on 90/100cm models
  • 3 button timer
  • glide out grill
  • more robust handles and rotary controls
  • improved plinth finish

The single piece gas hotplate will be a seamless hotplate feature with the removal of the plastic strip currently prevalent on the existing design. This will make it easier for us as consumers to clean our cooker and reduce the likelihood of a dirt trap. Nobody likes a dirty cooker, do they?! The grill upgrade is a standard glide out pan and trivet. The improved rotary controls and handles are designed to be more robust and longer wearing so you can get the most out of your cooker for longer. The sit on pan supports now have a semi-gloss finish too. All sounding good so far, right?

The Classic, is still available in its traditional colours; cream, cranberry and black. It’s still also available in its usual sizes of 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. and you’ve guessed it, the fuel types have stayed the same too; dual fuel, ceramic, gas and induction. You can still expect the Classic’s traditional deign, features and functionality just now with some added extras. If you like the Classic Deluxe, you’ll probably notice the similarity between the two now. The Classic meets the Classic Deluxe in its styling.

New news…

You can find the new classics on our website… Click here

So there you have it, the new Classic upgrade. If you require any more information on the Rangemaster Classic or any other Rangemaster range cookers, please give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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