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Revolutionise Dishwashing with Samsung’s WaterWall Technology

Samsung Waterfall Technology at Appliance City

It’s rare in the appliance world that a truly unique innovation comes along but true to Samsung’s style, they’ve done it again with the fantastic WaterWall Dishwasher. So what is so special about Samsung’s new dishwasher and how does it compare to more traditional dishwashers? Let’s find out.

Take dish washing to a whole new level.


Who would have thought you could revolutionise dish duty? But now with Samsung’s WaterWall Technology you can take dish washing to a whole new level. Samsung’s innovative WaterWall jet wash system, is a spray bar that moves from back to front along the bottom of the dishwasher, giving maximum coverage and an unrivalled dish washing performance. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and water-wasting pre-rinsing, and by harnessing the power of high pressure water, the WaterWall glides back and forth creating a sweeping wall of water, covering hard to reach places on the bottom rack and beyond.

Targeted Washing with the Zone Booster.

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There’s no escaping the WaterWall’s cleaning performance thanks to the Zone Booster setting. With this flexible function you can ensure dirtier pots and pans get a more intense clean by splitting the WaterWall bar in two and using higher pressure and temperature settings. Simply group heavily soiled pots and pans together on the bottom rack to the left or right and the other dishes and glasses to the other side. This specialist targeting gives soiled pots a high pressure wash to remove grease and food particles and the rest of the dishes get a normal wash with lighter water stream.

Flexible Cutlery Tray.


The FlexTray is the perfect place to wash your cutlery and large utensils and gives you greater flexibility than a traditional cutlery basket. Situated on the third rack the fully transportable and benadable FlexTray goes that extra bit further making unloading easier than ever.

Better Drying Performance.


The Auto Door Open feature on the Samsung WaterWall  dishwasher is such a simple innovation but one you will certainly appreciate. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door opens about 10 centimeters to allow steam to escape, giving you better drying results than other dishwashers.


Stunning inside and out

The ergonomic exterior design of the Samsung WaterWall dishwasher  offers a premium look that complements any kitchen decor and is available in Stainless Steel or White. Whilst the outside is simply stunning with it’s subtle blue LED display what goes on in the inside is pretty spectacular too, here’s a little video to show you the WaterWall in action.

If you need any help or advice on purchasing a new Samsung WaterWall Dishwasher, or any other appliances our team are here to help. Just call 0115 965 1937

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