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Half Price Hood With Rangemaster, Mercury & Falcon Range Cookers!

Range Cooker Event

Aga-rm-hoodpromo-july13As well as inventing the world’s first range cooker, Rangemaster are part of AGA Rangemaster, a group which is home to the world’s  top range cooking brands. Consequently their expertise in range cooking is  second to none and that means they are always focused on ensuring every one of  their cookers is manufactured to exacting standards and offers the right mix of quality, performance, choice and design.

When you buy a Rangemaster you get a whole lot more than you might with an ordinary cooker. Rangemaster hot plates feature a range of burners in different sizes allowing you to cook a delicate sauce at the same time as a stir fry. On most models handy accessories such as griddle plates and  wok stands come as standard. All pan supports are precision engineered to be smooth and easy to clean. All cookers are even fully height adjustable so that  they fit perfectly flush with your kitchen worktop.

View Rangemaster range cookers here….

With authentic appeal and insistence for design integrity, interpret your lifestyle with an iconic Mercury cooker. An object of desire for the style conscious, the Mercury range will evolve in any kitchen scheme. A style icon renowned for its instant professional design, delivers capacity and flexibility in the form of a timeless classic. The alluring elegance of British design provides constant innovation, synonymous with good food and inspirational style.

Designed for perfection, the must have Mercury range cookers deliver the perfect fusion of uncompromising quality, innovative design and performance. Intuitively designed with meticulous attention to detail, the vibrant colours and cutting edge styling add a bold statement to any kitchen. More than just a stunning appliance; Mercury range cookers are the essence of design, innovation and an authentic culinary experience.

These trend setting range cookers are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. The defining feature of the Mercury range is its striking design, available in a variety of hues, bringing together top quality performance and unique, unrivalled design, this exclusive look is a perfect match for any style of kitchen. Offering the choice of a powerful gas hob, or sleek look induction top, the Mercury range provides you with ultimate control and superior performance. Mercury cookers will let you indulge in your favourite culinary dishes with its two large high performance ovens. Both the multifunction and fanned oven are complete with stay-clean removable liners. The robust dual circuit grill features a fully extending gliding tray.

View Mercury range cookers here….

Falcon appliances pride themselves on their British heritage and roots within the commercial kitchen scene. Manufactured in Royal Leamington Spa, Falcon’s outstanding selection of range cookers are crafted and developed to the highest standard, all heralding the beauty of British design.

Offering the choice of powerful gas hob, or sleek look induction top, the Falcon range provides you with ultimate control and superior performance. As the star of your kitchen, a Falcon range cooker is not only built to perform, it’s designed to look the part too. The impressive range offers a stylish selection of colours, from vibrant Cherry Red to Classic Cream in a variety of widths and layouts to suit your cooking personality.

View Falcon range cookers here….

We are now offering a half price cooker hood with selected Rangemaster, Mercury and Falcon range cookers – Call 01159 651937 for more information!


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