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Free Panasonic HydraPower Steam Iron

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hydrapower iron offer

Panasonic washing machines are A+++ energy rated for efficient energy use. Perfect sense works with 3D sensors that detect the movement of each piece of clothing and adjust the rotation speed, so your clothes get a more thorough wash. Steam Action technology reduces wrinkles for less ironing, can be used to refresh without washing and eliminates allergens such as house dust mites and pollen. The Hydroactive+ water jets save on water consumption, whilst the Sazanami Drum is gentle on clothes.

They are part of a new generation of home appliances from Panasonic that uses energy more inventively for better performance.

Panasonic are now offering a free HydraPower Steam Iron when purchasing a VS4 / VZ4 Steam Action Washing Machine or P80S1 Steam Action Heat Pump Dryer!

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