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Free ‘Joseph Joseph’ 4 Piece Chopping Board Set With Selected Bosch Fridge Freezers

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This set of Joseph Joseph colour-coded chopping boards is free to all customers who purchase one of the selected fridge freezer models listed below between 08.02.13 and 20.03.13. All claims must be received before midnight on 05.04.13. To claim your Joseph Joseph chopping board, please complete the form blow and send it with a copy of your purchase receipt to the following address: Bosch Promotions, PO Box 170, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0ZX

Download claim form here

Qualifying Models:

KGN36SM30, KGE36AW40G, KGV36VW31G, KGN36VW30G, KGV33VW31G, KGN34VW20G, KGN34VB20G, KGN34VL20G, KGN34VI20G, KGN36NW20G, KGN39NW20G, KGN39VL30G, KGN36AW32G, KGN39AW32G, KGN39AL32G, KGN49AW24G, KGN30VW20G & KGN30VL20G


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