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Free Finish Quantum Tablets With Any LG Dishwasher

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Free 6 Months Supply Of Finish Dishwasher Tablets When You Buy Any LG Dishwasher!

Looking for that extra sparkle from your dishes? No problem. Spending too long pre-washing your pots and pans by hand? Don’t waste your time. LG dishwashers bring bright ideas and the very best new technology to your kitchen.

TrueSteam Technology

Welcome to the new age of steam. There’s nothing new about steam power, but the idea of using the power of steam cleaning to keep your dishes gleaming is unique to LG dishwashers. The new on-board Steam Generator now offers you an option to use high temperature steam to remove stubborn dried-on foods and difficult to remove stains such as lipstick and gravy.

Great results without pre-washing: Steam power also means that you won’t have to pre-wash your dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. Just load the machine, press the Steam Power button and shut the door. The dishwasher will take care of everything else.


Strong yet gentle cleaning: Steam is powerful but it’s gentle too. When you use the Steam Power option on your LG dishwasher it’ll remove the worst stains and dried on food debris from your best tableware and glasses but won’t leave them streaky, scratched or cracked.


Steam power built-in: The on-board Steam Generator creates high temperature steam particles. They are injected into the machine through two steam nozzles. This makes hem capable of penetrating and soaking dried on food remnants and stains faster than just hot water and detergent.


Inverter Direct Drive

LG dishwashers use LG’s extremely efficient, durable and slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor. It gives a variable spray intensity and offers precise control over the motor speed.

Washing performance: The Inverter Direct Drive Motor is an innovative system. It allows the machine to control water pressure more efficiently, so giving better cleaning performance.

Eco friendly: inverter Direct Drive Motors are extremely efficient and can optimise the spray intensity depending on the load. So you get better washing for less energy.


Reliability: LG have always been commited to quality. As a customer, you can expect it from all their products. LG use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that everything they build will give you the performance and reliability you need, now and in the future. LG Inverter Direct Drive Motors are so reliable and durable that they promise you’ll enjoy the same performance in 10 years time as you do today.

The LG dishwasher gives the ultimate “pre-wash free”steam cleaning performance

The LG dishwasher is the only dishwasher on the market that has a built in steam generator. This creates a powerful, high-temperature steam that is capable of removing the toughest dried or burnt-on food remnanats.

Efficient energy and water usage – together with effective cleaning performance

LG dishwashers are designed to provide effective cleaning whilst retaining the highest efficiency standards, All LG TrueSteam dishwashers qualify for the A++ energy grade. This means they are 20% more efficient than other machines with a lesser rating.

Flexibility and functionality to make your life easier

LG’s new SmartRack system now offers more capacity, more flexibility and more functionality. It makes loading easier and means you’ll spend less time washing.

SmartRack: LG’s own SmartRack system allows you to adjust the racks so you can easily load different types of dishes. Loading large and small bowls, plates, pots and pans is easier. Simply fold down the adjustable dividers to fit the dishes you need to wash. The machine’s extra height will make it easier to fit tall dishes such as baking trays, chopping boards and large pans.

Larger space: Thanks to the slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor, the LG dishwasher has about 10 litres more space than conventional dishwashers – so you can wash all those awkward oversized dishes with ease.

Height adjustable 3rd rack: LG’s height-adjustable 3rd rack gives you more space for cutlery. But if you need a little extra – for espresso cups or utensils – it can be adjusted easily.

Need to wash tall glasses with pots and pans in one cycle? Now you can…

The ‘Steam Dual Spray’ programme allows you to customise your wash cycle so you can load wine glasses in the upper rack and large pots in the lower rack. Simply select a different water pressure for each rack. It’ll help to improve you wash and means you won’t have to put it on twice or wash the really dirty dishes by hand.

Steam Dual Spray: Set different intensities for efficient washing of different types of dishes in the upper and lower racks.

Silence-On: The LG dishwasher has features that make it one of the quietest appliances in your kitchen. In fact, with noise levels as just 38dB(A) you might not even notice it’s on. LG dishwashers are fitted with multiple layers of sound dampening materials and use an ultra-quiet and slim Inverter Direct Drive Motor. This emits a noise of just 38dB(A) during operation, making it one of the quietest dishwashers.

Claim your 6 months’ supply of Finish Quantum!

For perfect results from your dishwasher, LG recommend Finish Quantum for an amazing shine and clean. To receive a FREE 6 months supply (that’s 160 tablets) just purchase either an LG D1454TF, D1454BF or D1453WF dishwasher, complete the claim form and that’s it!

Download claim form and T’s & C’s here!


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