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BEST From Britannia Designer Cooker Hoods

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Beautiful, Efficient, Silent Technology: BEST designer cooker hoods offer the latest in extractor design and technology.

BEST designer cooker hoods quietly purify the air of your kitchen while providing lighting for the cooking area. BEST have always worked to create products which are the most innovative in the market. Ongoing research and development have enabled them to design hoods which are energy efficient, quiet, attractive and offer unique features. Many models can even be equipped with either an external or remote motor and feature such technologies as:

  • Advanced Sensor Control – detecting odours, gas, steam or smoke and automatically switching on the hood
  • Energy Saving – three-phase electronic motor with average energy saving of 55% compared with traditional motors
  • BEST Silent Tech – Allows almost imperceptible noise levels at low speeds, reducing sound output by up to 36% compared with traditional extraction systems
  • LED Technology – Certain models feature energy saving LED lighting. Each light only recquires 3 watts compared to 20 watts for halogen lights, and has a life span of 40,000 hours
  • Perimeter Extraction – Smoke, steam and odours are forced to go through apertures placed along the perimeter of the hood creating greater efficiency, quieter performance and improved aesthetics
  • Wave Filter – Unique 3 dimensional filter system reduces amount of space recquired for filter while increasing surface area improving aesthetic appearance and allowing quieter performance and more efficient grease capture
  • Timer – Allows a run-on time to be set at an adjustable speed so hood will automatically switch off 5 minutes after cooking, allowing the air to be fully cleared
  • Remote Control – Manufactured in high grade steel, ergonomic rotary control allows user to operate main functions of hood.

Here’s some of the bestsellers to tempt you………

Visso Canopy Extractor:  designed to be built into a chimney breast or wall unit, alternatively it can be built into a false canopy which matches your kitchen design



Cirrus Canopy Extractor: Designed for ceiling installation




Kite Designer Hood: Finished in black or white it will create a real focal point in your kitchen


Lift Downdraft Extractor: Designed to be built into an island unit behind your hob it rises up from the worksurface at the touch of a button



Moon Island Hood: Designed to be suspended from the ceiling above the cooking surface, it’s sure to create a stunning focal point



Vertigo Double Island Hood: Double island hood with optional remote control


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