Go cordless and enjoy ultimate flexibility with the Miele Triflex vacuum cleaner. The innovative 3 in 1 design allows you to switch between the three different modes with ease.

Reach Mode

Those awkward, hard to reach places are easy to get to with Triflex! In Reach Mode, the PowerUnit is positioned at the top which allows you to get into areas that a typical appliance couldn’t stretch to. Whether underneath the sofa or in the highest corner of the ceiling, you can count on Triflex to reach.

Miele Triflex: Reach Mode

Comfort Mode

With Comfort Mode, you can quickly and easily vacuum larger spaces. The PowerUnit is positioned near to the base making it easy to manoeuvre. The long lasting battery life means you can deep clean without needing to recharge! Cordless vacuum cleaning is much easier and less time consuming with Triflex.

Miele Triflex: Comfort Mode

Compact Mode

If you need to quickly clean up smaller spaces, Compact Mode is the ideal setting. Crumbs or debris can be removed in no time. Lightweight and easy to handle, Compact Mode is perfect for vacuuming the stairs or even cleaning out your car! There are handy interchangeable attachments to use in this mode.

Miele Triflex: Compact Mode


Triflex is an extremely powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. Miele use Vortex technology which produces a very high airflow rate of over 100 km/h to separate debris and fine dust efficiently.

Another highly effective feature of Triflex is the electrobrush. The long bristles penetrate deep into carpet fibres, loosening the dust particles ready for the suction to remove them. The loops and fibres in your carpet are raised by the electrobrush, giving them that fluffy, new carpet appearance for much longer.

Vortex technology combined with the powerful electrobrush means the Triflex can provide you with the same extreme suction as Miele’s most powerful corded vacuum cleaner.

Miele Triflex: Powerful


The Miele Triflex will automatically adapt to any floor type. Even intelligently adjusting the speed to provide the most suitable rate of suction. From carpets to wooden floorboards, you can expect powerful performance on any surface.

Measuring 28cm wide, the XXL electrobrush allows you to cover more ground in less time. Vacuuming needn’t be a time consuming task with Triflex.


Miele use VARTA Li-Ion batteries in their cordless vacuum cleaners which provide up to 60 minutes of cleaning per charge. These rechargeable batteries are easy to remove too so you can get back to cleaning in no time!

Each Triflex Pro model is supplied with an additional battery, meaning you can enjoy a longer running time of up to 120 minutes. Perfect for larger spaces!

Easy to Store

The simple storage unit is sleek and space saving so you can keep your vacuum cleaner discreetly out of sight.

Miele Triflex storage

Easy to Empty

You can empty the Dustbag with minimum fuss. The 0.5L dust container has a handy, quick release lid.

Miele Triflex Dustbag

Simple Controls

Choose between three power levels with the simple and easy to use slider controls positioned on the handle.

Miele Triflex controls


Never miss a speck of dust again thanks to BrilliantLight. You can find this feature on the Cat & Dog and Pro models.

Miele Triflex BrightLight

Three Vacuum Cleaners – One Appliance

Miele HX1 Cat & Dog

HX1 Cat & Dog Model

Finished in black with rose gold detail, the Cat & Dog Triflex is the perfect vacuum cleaner for any pet owner.

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Miele Triflex Pro

HX1 Pro Model

Keep cleaning for longer with the HX1 Pro. This model is supplied with an additional battery and charger pack.

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Miele Triflex HX1 red

HX1 Triflex

Lightweight and powerful, the original Triflex is the ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner. Finished in red.

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