Whirlpool Laundry

Whirlpool have a variety of freestanding washing machine and tumble dryers. Available in 7kg-10kg load capacities and 1400rpm spin speeds, Whirlpool’s laundry range is incredibly energy efficient. With supreme care and fresh care models available, your clothes are protected with Whirlpool. Some Whirlpool tumble dryers come with 6th sense technology which monitors and adapts temperature and humidity levels inside the drum, so that your clothes are protected and cared for.

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Our Washer Dryers are available as either freestanding or integrated behind a furniture door and come with a variety of different features depending on your budget. Capacity is an important consideration when buying a washer dryer as the wash capacity will always be larger than the drying capacity. For example, a machine with a wash capacity of 10 kg tends to have a drying capacity of 8 kg, so you can’t do a full 10 kg wash and dry load. Other things to consider are spin speed as a higher speed will lead to a more efficient drying process.

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