White Conventional Cooker Hoods

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We’ve got some stylish black models as well as the more simple and classic white and stainless steel hoods. They simply hang on the wall above your hob or sit underneath a wall unit. These models can usually be recirculated using optional charcoal filters.

If the options above aren’t taking your fancy, we have many different ranges for you to check out. Similar to the above range are our Chimney Hoods. There’s a massive amount of chimney hoods to choose from in our range from a host of different market-leading brands.

If you’re undecided and are wanting to shop around, check out our Downdraft Hoods, Ceiling Hoods and Island Hoods. There is so much variety across those ranges and some extractor fan styles that you may not have heard about or considered before.

We only carry cooker hoods from top, market-leading manufacturers. We have worked with these brands over the years to put our customers in touch with the best appliances on the market. We’ve been doing this for many yeas and we know what our customers expect from us, which is why we stock the brands that we do.

For our full selection, head back to the Extraction section to shop from all our cooker hoods. You can check out all the different types we have and there are also some informative guides that may be able to answer any questions you might have about our extractor fans.

For matching appliances, head to our Cooking section. Range cookers, hobs and more, we even have bundle deals that will help you to make more crucial money savings. Pair a new cooker to your new hood for a double threat in the kitchen.

With more high-quality appliances available in our Refrigeration, Laundry and Small Appliance sections, you can get your hands on a sleek fridge freezer or a stylish coffee machine.

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