De Dietrich Warming Drawers

In stunning white, black or grey De Dietrich warming drawers blend seamlessly with other appliances for a great looking kitchen.

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Warming drawers are a brilliant complimentary appliance, especially if you’re in charge of those Sunday roasts and Christmas dinner. To ensure your food is served piping hot on lovely warm plates when you’re entertaining family and friends you may want to consider investing in one for your new kitchen. Warming drawers typically come in two heights; 14cm and 29cm. Many models have multiple heat settings for warming food, warming crockery and defrosting food but you don’t have to be a professional chef to use one. You might use it to keep your takeaway warm whilst chatting with friends or for warming coffee cups when entertaining.

With handless opening and fan heating these warming drawers are convenient, stylish and ideal for keeping food or plates warm! For added peace of mind when you register with De Dietrich they upgrade the warranty to three years for free for an extra bonus!