The Different Types of Range Cookers

If you’re thinking about upgrading your oven, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve come across range cookers. Range cookers are a great addition to your kitchen and should suit any household due to their stunning design and the wide array of functions that they offer.

Like any product however, there are many types of range cookers to choose from.

A key variant for range cookers is the fuel type they use and how they work. Here we’ll look at the different types of range cookers to help you decide on the best one for you. We often get asked which range cooker is best, but there’s no one comprehensive answer for that. The best range cooker is the one that meets your specific needs the best.

What are Ceramic Range Cookers?

Ceramic range cookers are essentially electric range cookers with a ceramic hob finish. They’re a popular choice since they boast a perfectly flat hob that’s really easy to clean.

Not only do ceramic range cookers look great but they also perform brilliantly. They pre-heat quickly and offer a wide range of cooking methods as well as more control options to keep you on-top-of your cooking.

  • Easy to clean
  • Great performance
  • Stylish

What are Gas Range Cookers?

Gas range cookers have both gas ovens and gas hobs, giving instant heat from a gas powered flame. This allows you to cook on the hob instantly, and speeds up how quickly the oven reaches temperature.

Due to the nature of the gas range cooker, this option is believed by many to be the superior cooking method for roasting. Gas ovens create more moisture as they cook than electric ovens. So this makes it ideal for roasting as your food doesn’t dry out as easily as it can in an electric oven.

Another benefit of gas range cookers is the low running cost (compared to electric range cookers).

  • Gas hob and oven = instant heat
  • Best choice for roasting
  • Lower running cost

What are LPG Range Cookers?

What’s the difference between gas and LPG? Well, LPG is a different type of gas to the natural gas that you’d commonly find in the mains in your home. LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas and comes in a gas bottle or cylinder. LPG range cookers work in the same way to gas range cookers in that both the hob and oven are powered by gas; it’s just a different type.

The benefits of LPG are the fact it burns at a higher heat than gas supplied through the mains, and as it comes in a bottle, it’s portable. This means you can take the gas bottle with you if you go camping, which saves you buying another canister.

As LPG comes in a container, eventually it will run out and will need replacing. Depending on how much you cook, an LPG gas bottle will usually last around 4-6 months.

  • Please note: there are two different types of LPG – propane and butane. Propane gas comes in a red cylinder and butane comes in a blue one (a quick trick is to remember B = blue).

It is recommended that you do not connect a blue butane canister to an oven. Only use the red propane cylinders.

  • Burns at a higher heat
  • Gas supplied in portable bottles

What are Dual Fuel Range Cookers?

“What is dual fuel?” is one of the most commonly asked questions about the different types of range cookers for sale. Dual fuel range cookers combine the best of both worlds and feature a gas hob with an electric oven.

They are by far the most popular type of range cooker on sale today because they offer the cooking speed and even heat distribution of a fan assisted oven, and the control and quick heat of a gas hob.

As they are such a popular choice, dual fuel range cookers come in a wide selection of sizes ranging from 70cm – 150cm, the standard being a 90cm dual fuel range cooker. They also offer many different cooking zones such as a wok burner, cast iron griddle, and much more!

  • Please note: Dual fuel cookers need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Best of both worlds: electric and gas
  • Available in lots of sizes, colours and combinations
  • Our most popular type of range cooker

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What are Induction Range Cookers?

Induction range cookers have an induction hob in place of a gas or electric hob. The oven itself will still be powered by either gas or electric. Induction hobs are as responsive as gas hobs, but are faster, safer and more efficient.

So how do induction hobs work? The hob of an induction range cooker heats the pan using electromagnetic energy. This means only the pan is heated – the surface of the hob itself will barely get warm. Your pan has to be made from a ferrous metal for this to work though.

Once the pan is removed, the connection with the magnets is broken and no more heat is produced.

  • Safe, fast and more efficient than gas hobs

What Type of Range Cooker Should You Buy?

So which one is the best one to buy? As with any big purchase, you first need to look at factors such as what you need, what you’ll use it for, and of course, how much you have to spend.

For example, if you’re going to use a range cooker a lot, then an LPG cooker might not be the best option as you’ll have to regularly replace the gas cylinder. However if you’re looking to reduce your gas bill, an LPG option might be something to consider as it does not require use of the main gas supply.

As mentioned, dual fuel is the most popular option as it combines a gas hob and electric oven, however induction range cookers are more efficient and will save money in the long run.

There are many benefits to each type of range cooker for sale, and we’d be happy to discuss which would be best for you. Contact us if you’d like to talk through the options or you have any questions. Alternatively, shop from our entire collection of Range Cookers in our Cooking section. Check out our other helpful range cooker guides below: