If you're looking to get a little bit of that famous German engineering in your kitchen, look no further than our Neff Domino Hobs. Perfect for creating more of clean, minimalistic look in your kitchen. Not only are they sleek and stylish, but they pack a punch. Neff haven't made their way  to the lofty position they're in by making bad products, you know. We only stock brands that we can rely on and trust and Neff has proven to us again and again that they fit that bill. For more of our outstanding Neff products, click here. Or if you want to shop around, head to the cooking section and browse from our expansive catalogue of powerful cooking products.

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If these aren’t quite for you, but you’re still looking for a new hob, then don’t worry. We’ve got lines of ceramic, induction, gas, mixed fuel and even air venting induction hobs for you to look at. They’re all in our cooking section alongside our range cookers and built in ovens. If you’re after a hob, then you may also be in the market for a matching cooker hood. We have plenty of powerful hoods in our extraction section. Your home deserves the best of the best and we stock it all at Appliance City. With our Multibuy feature, you can shop and buy across the board and update all the gear in your home all at once. See if you can’t grab yourself a bargain or two when you buy online today at Appliance City!