Whirlpool Built In Single Ovens

Whirlpool single ovens are fantastic if you don't have the space for a range of cookers but still want the flexibility and cooking options.

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Many built in single ovens feature multiple cooking functions in the main oven allowing you to choose between fan, conventional, fan assisted and grill, giving you the ultimate cooking flexibility for any type of dish. Look out for smart features such as catalytic liners or pyrolytic self-cleaning and take the hassle out of keeping your oven clean.

Look out for Multi Function models, which offer extra programmes for more specialised cooking options such as Defrost and Keep Warm. 6th Sense options are supplied with preset recipes for the ultimate in easy use and with Pyrolytic models offering easy maintenance as they burn away grease and food residues, there are plenty of reasons to look into Whirlpool's selection further.