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We buy many of our laundry products in huge volumes to ensure that we can offer the best prices and immediate stock availability on a great selection of models. We offer both freestanding and integrated washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers from brands like Bosch, LG, Siemens, Miele and Smeg. If you have a large family and you're looking for the biggest capacity some models offer upto 11kg load.


Washing Machine and Dryer Guide:

Not sure what to purchase, have a read through our handy guide.

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Freestanding Tumble Dryers

There are two types of tumble dryers available, vented and condensor. Vented dryers push the moist air through a hole in the wall and condenser dryers run the moist air over a condensing unit and pump the water into a container - this can either be emptied manually or pumped to drain using an optional drainage kit. Sensordry is a useful feature on some models which dries to the required preset level and turns off automatically.

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Freestanding Washer Dryers

If space is limited a washer dryer is the ideal solution offering two machines in one, wash capacities range from 5kg upto 9kg on certain models whilst offering upto 6kg drying capacity. Although the drying part of the machine is a condensor unit the water is simply pumped out of the waste pipe to avoid having to empty a container. We stock various brands and colours which are available with a variety of spin speeds.

Discover Idos: Intelligent Washing

Freestanding Washing Machines

We stock some of the best washing machine brands on the market and we offer express delivery on many models due to our massive stock levels. Some of our washing machines have a steam cleaning function which gives you increased efficiency and better wash results, the steam programme is also ideal for people with sensitive skin. Look out for our free five year parts & labour warranty promotions on certain models.

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Integrated Washing Machines

This type of washing machine is designed to sit behind a furniture door to maintain the clean lines in your kitchen with your plinth accross the base of the machine. Most models have automatic load adjustment which means the machine will only pump as much water into the machine as it needs depending on the size of the load. Some models offer digital time delay and variable spin speeds upto 1600rpm.

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