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Spotlight on Siemens...

spotlight on Siemens

Siemens have been established over 170 years in the UK and pride themselves of being at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Their superb collection of kitchen appliances offers the perfect balance between eye-catching design and technology, making them perfect choice for a variety of lifestyles.

Here you can find out more information and download product catalogues to help make choosing your Siemens appliance easier and more informed. You will also be able to find out about great product features such as their Intelligent Washing Machines.

Siemens Features & Innovations:

Here's a small snapshot of some of the innovations you can expect from Siemens.

Siemens iDos Washing Machine

The iDos washing machine from Siemens automatically decides how much liquid detergent and softener to use in each wash.

There is no need to add detergent each time you wash, the two compartments in the drawer hold enough liquid detergent and fabric softener for up to 20 washes and the machine let's you know when you need to add more.

In simple terms this feature not only saves detergent and time but also it can save up to 7000 litres of water per year as it eliminates unnecessary extra rinsing after over dosing.

Welcome to flexinduction

Siemens Flex Induction

Induction is already recognised as being one of the safest and most efficient cooking methods available, but it just got even better with Siemens FlexInduction.

Basically these hobs can behave in the same way as a traditional induction hob with four or five separate cooking zones but FlexInduction gives you the ability to use multiple zones together to create larger cooking zones, accommodating pans of all shapes and sizes.

Alternatively you can use two merged zones to create a large zone for three pans and the hob distributes the power accordingly.

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Flick through our handy categories below to find the Siemens appliance you desire:

  • Ovens

    Siemens Ovens

    Probably the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen, Siemens offer a superb selection of built in ovens to suit all requirements. With features such as activeClean, Electronic controls, Halogen lighting and soft close doors paired with superb oven capacities there is a model to suit even the most demanding cook. Not only do Siemens ovens offer fantastic features but they are also extremely efficient boasting 'A' energy ratings on all models.

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  • Compact Appliances

    Siemens Compact Appliances

    The Siemens compact appliance range includes a selection of built in microwaves, steam ovens, warming drawers and a fully automatic coffee machine. Many of these models are perfect for a 'gallery' situation where a combination of ovens and compact appliances are used in a horizontal line with everything perfectly aligned and symmetrical. Please contact us for advice to ensure that your desired models are compatible.

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  • Hobs

    Siemens Hobs

    Siemens range of hobs offers eye catching design and razor sharp looks alongside cutting edge technology and innovative design. Whether you choose a cutting edge induction hob or a more traditional gas model with a modern twist, all of their hobs are designed to coordinate beautifully with your other Siemens appliances. Some induction models feature Flex zones which can link together to create larger cooking areas

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  • Dishwashers

    Siemens Dishwashers

    Siemens boast the world's most energy efficient dishwasher featuring the Zeolith drying system, setting the standard for energy efficiency with an A+++ energy rating. With a superb array of both integrated and freestanding dishwashers offering low noise levels, automatic programs and unique flexible racking designs you'll be sure to find a model to suit you. Let us talk you through the range and explain all of the exciting features available.

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  • Showroom

    Siemens in our showroom

    In our Nottingham based showroom we offer a superb display of Siemens freestanding and built in appliances which are wired up for demonstration by our expert sales team. We are an official Siemens Partner so we have access to the entire range of products including all Partner Products so you can be assured of the best advice and our lowest prices. For more information on our showroom visit the link below.

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