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Neff appliances make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure; anticipate all your needs and desires; marry innovation and design, style and versatility.

Whatever you're doing in the kitchen, you'll find the perfect partner in your Neff appliance. Neff believe in their role of creating efficient, high quality products that meet the demands of your lifestyle. With ovens at the heart of Neff's range, your passion for cooking drives their innovation. All Neff new models have been specifically designed to be your true partner in the kitchen.

Neff realises everyone has different priorities. This applies to the kitchen as well as other aspects of their lives. That's why Neff hit upon the idea of creating different Neff series. By dividing appliances into manageable groups according to their design and specification, they have made it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Neff appliance guide

Neff Ovens

A Neff oven is your partner in the kitchen, equipped with special features and finishing touches designed to make cooking a pleasure. And they are constantly refining and upgrading their range to keep it fresh and technically advanced. Whether you choose a single or double oven, with Neff you can be sure it will always live up to its looks.

Neff Compact Appliances

View the numerous clever compact appliances Neff have designed to enable you to extend your range of cooking options. The range includes a compact oven, two built-in CircoSteam ovens, steam ovens, warming drawers and a Coffee centre. In particular, Neff’s combination oven microwave models give you the extra flexibility you need in the kitchen; they can wonderfully mimic traditional cooking methods in a fraction of the time.

Neff Hobs

Neff supplies a full range of gas, induction and ceramic hobs including domino hobs, which can be bought as separate pieces and combined. The domino range includes a high speed wok burner, teppan yaki and state-of-the-art induction hob. Whatever style of cooking you’re into, there’s a great choice of flexible options to choose from.

Neff Cooker Hoods

Grease, steam and odours are unwanted by-products of cooking, but with an effective extractor hood, you can soon be rid of them. Neff’s exquisite range of extractor hoods is not only brilliantly functional but beautifully aesthetic too, creating a dramatic design feature for any kitchen. Neff offer a wide range of models – from eye-catching island hoods, to space-saving telescopic hoods – perfect for different styles and scenarios.

Neff Fridges & Freezers

Neff are constantly working to improve their range of fridges and freezers so there’s something for everyone. So whether you need a streamlined space saver or a large American style fridge freezer that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, we’re confident that there’s a model to suit. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference – frost free, AntiSpill shelves and CircoCool. All Neff appliances have at least an A+ energy rating.

Neff Dishwashers

A full scale dinner party or a meal for one, a Neff dishwasher can handle anything you need it to. And that includes bulky pans and casserole dishes. Innovations like the unique VarioFlex Plus baskets with VarioDrawer give you the complete flexibility you need for the way we cook today. All machines are A rated for washing and drying and are A+ or A++ for energy performance.

Neff Washing Machines & Dryers

You need to feel confident in a laundry appliance so that you can leave it to get on with the business of effectively washing or drying your clothes while you turn your attention to other things. Neff washing machines use less water, electricity and detergent than most other models in their class, while washer dryers are also energy efficient. They’re gentle on clothes, but get them wonderfully clean, fresh and ready for action.

Neff in our showroom

In our Nottingham showroom you can see an excellent selection of integrated Neff appliances including ovens, hobs, dishwashers and laundry products along with a selection of compact appliances such as microwaves and warming drawers. We specialise in packages of Neff appliances and we can guide you through our range of live products to ensure that you get the right ones to suit your needs. Feel free to visit our showroom or call us on 0115 9651937 for more information.

Neff feature highlights

Neff CircoTherm

The CircoTherm System, unique to Neff, is a method of forced air cooking which continues to be a benchmark for all fan ovens. It works by drawing air in from the oven via a powerful fan. It then heats up the air and forces it right back into the oven cavity through strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. Desired temperature is achieved more quickly and evenly than in a normal oven, saving time and energy as little or no preheating is required.

Neff AquaAssist

AquaAssist provides a moist cooking environment to help achieve beautiful food that is perfectly succulent and tender, and retains its colour throughout the cooking process. Dishes won’t dry out, and will have a real intensity of texture and flavour every day. A small water reservoir is filled, then a twin-pump system pushes the water through stainless steel pipes towards a heater where vapour is produced, introduced to the oven cavity then residual water is returned to a tank for disposal.

Neff FlexInduction

For entertainers, cooks or large families, a Neff FlexInduction hob provides a fantastic solution to demanding cooking requirements. By using a different arrangement of induction coils to cover a wider area, entire zones can be activated and pans placed anywhere within that zone will receive instant, even heat transference. This really is any size pan, anywhere cooking, and it will put to an end juggling hot pans for space on the hob when cooking large dinners or multiple meals.

Neff VitaFresh

The average family of 4 throws away £680 worth of food per year. Neff are keen not only to reduce landfill but also to help customers manage costs by developing the most effective food preservation systems. VitaFresh is a 0°C compartment, independent from the fridge temperature setting, comprising two humidity zones. The dry section maintains 50% humidity to preserve meat and fish whilst the moist zone at 90% humidity extends the life of vegetables, salad and fruit.

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