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AEG Summer Spectacular – Up To £100 Cashback On Selected Appliances

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Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results. That’s why AEG are dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion – your own personal definition of perfection. It’s this thinking that lies at the heart of everything they do… it shapes design, advancements in technology…..

Great cooking is both an art and a science. It’s your artistry on show, your own human touch…..and AEG are here to back you up with advanced technology and an extensive range. Including the MaxiKlasse oven with the largest interior capacity in a standard single oven, and Induction Hob with DirekTouch controls providing instant, precise control of the cooking levels, in just one touch.

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When reaching for that extra pan or that extra-large serving dish, a serious cook should never have to worry about whether the dishwasher can cope. The AEG ProClean Cleaning System takes it all in its stride, with the largest loading volume available (10 litres more than than standard dishwashers), 5 spray levels and a double-action rotation arm that allows water spray to reach every corner.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to keeping food fresh. So with the AEG PerfektFit, you can choose from a suite of combinations as you wish, to fit your own needs precisely. And whatever your choice, you’ll have a stunning iconic design that will be perfectly aligned with the rest of your kitchen furniture, with a flat, professional style stainless steel finish and anti-fingerprint protection.

In today’s hectic world, who has time to go shopping for fresh food every day? But you can still eat fresh food every day, with all the nutritional and taste benefits that implies, thanks to LongFresh, designed to extend freshness by up to three times longer. AEG fridges and freezers offer excellent energy efficiency too and with a wide range of built-in models, you’ll find a refrigerator and freezer combination that matches your needs perfectly.

All AEG laundry appliances take exceptional care of your clothes, whether your load is small or large, with stubborn stains or delicates, making sure they stay looking newer for longer. Choose from state of the art washing machines or the ultimate space saving practicality of a washer dryer.

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