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AEG SteamBake… ‘Buy&Try’



We are all used to the average oven. The majority of us will have an average oven in our kitchen. What I mean by average is one that surrounds our food with dry heat, cooking it, sometimes over cooking it, sometimes under cooking it (that’s our fault rather than the ovens though, well unless it’s on the verge of breaking down) or cooking our food to what we think is perfection.

Steam ovens offer everything you love about your current oven at home. But, when you add steam to your cooking, you can take your cooking that extra mile. Into baking? Imagine bakes that rise that little bit higher. Love a good Sunday roast? Imagines roasts that are both tender and crispy. Imagine all your other favourite meals, cooked to succulent yet crispy perfection. Mouth watering yet?

AEG, have a new range of multifunctional single ovens with SteamBake, which is the secret to a great bake. By pouring 100ml water into the shallow well at the bottom of the oven, and pressing the SteamBake button, Yorkshire puddings (my absolute favourites) will always be golden brown (love struck emoji), muffins will be soft and moist, and bread will rise higher and have a crispier crust. If you weren’t hungry before, I bet you are now.




Steam improves every dish.

AEG steam ovens are designed so that you can cook whatever you want, there is a steam programme to propel your dish into the stratosphere. Low steam helps you cook melt-in-your mouth roasts and bakes. Medium steam helps transform any left overs making them taste just cooked. And full steam is a faster, tastier and healthier way to enjoy, fish, vegetables and grains such as rice and cous cous. Sounds good right?

So now I’ve covered the benefits of steam, let’s get into the new SteamBake function.


The science behind better baking.

Into baking? I admit, I have tried to be into baking. But I am useless at it. I can cook, in fact I can cook really well. But bake? This is something I have to stay away from L

But you bakers out there already know good baking is an art. However great baking, well that is a science. To create a masterpiece, adding steam is as important as each stroke of your pastry brush. This is because water molecules conduct heat faster than hot air, so it cooks more thoroughly.

So the AEG SteamBake function can be used in three simple steps:

  1. Pour 100mls water into the shallow cavity at the bottom of the oven
  2. Select the PlusSteam programme and press the PlusSteam button
  3. Let the oven preheat for 5 minutes and then enjoy your delicious bake.



The SteamBake function adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The steam cooking keeps the dough moist on the surface to create a golden colour and tasty crust on your bakes, while the heart stays soft and tender. It also enables higher performance and increases energy efficiency. The hot air fan system ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the oven cavity, for a cooking process that is faster and more energy efficient.

So AEG are running a fantastic promotion which started on June 1st and is running until 27th July 16.

‘AEG SteamBake Buy&Try Cashback’

Basically you ‘buy and try’ the new AEG multifunction oven with SteamBake and if you are not 100% satisfied within 60 days, they will refund you the full purchase price of your oven. Sounds fair doesn’t it? This promotion however only applies to the AEG multifunction ovens with SteamBake only.

Obviously you will need to prove your purchase. So you need to register your qualifying AEG SteamBake model online providing proof of purchase, and delivery at www.aegpromotions/steambaketrial within 30 days of purchase to join the SteamBake trial and receive your welcome kit. Your proof of purchase date shown on the receipt/invoice count as day 1 of your 60-day trial though so don’t get caught out by that.

This is a great promotion, so if you were sitting on the fence about buying a multifunctional oven and you would especially find the SteamBake function valuable, now would be the time to purchase.

All you budding Mary Berry’s… this one is for you!



We have many of the AEG multifunctional ovens with SteamBake in stock and ready for their new homes. Give a member of our team a call for more information, or to order yours today.

🙂 0115 965 1937

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