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Getting to Know Our Manufacturers – Elica

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If you haven’t heard of Elica by now, you’ll wish you did by the end of this blog post. 

Elica was founded in Fabriano, Italy by Ermanno Casoli in 1970. They sought to be the prime destination for distinguished range hoods that added a serious amount of style to a kitchen. The first hoods tended to have customisable panels that made them perfect for each and every customer.

Elica Hood - Star - Celestial - Appliance City

Fast forward to 1997, Elica now has a factory and is making a few different styles of chimney hoods. They start partnering with different design entities to produce high class, high quality hoods. We see the delights of hoods like the celestial above and beautiful Japanese styled hoods in the early 2000’s.

OM hood by Elica

Then came 2004, when Elica revolutionised the industry and changed it forever with the release of the OM hood. Looking nothing like an extractor hood and every bit as artful as a Monet it carved it’s place as a one of kind, exclusive designer.

Just one year later Elica was producing cooker hoods that were hidden in plain sight, as beautiful pieces of art or lighting fixtures. One of our favourite here at Appliance City is the from the Celestial collection.

elica celestial at appliance city

Play a bit of hide and seek with this hood by Elica. Can you point out the cooker hood in this image? No? Thats because it’s devised to look like a beautiful centre lighting piece and is every bit as gorgeous as one, but as useful as a traditional cooker hood. If you’re into the sparkly, shiny and bling this cooker hood would make an amazing addition to any kitchen.

Whether it’s a chimney hood or an island, Elica makes fab hoods in every style. Check out our full Elica range today.

Want something with a bit less bling but is equally as stylish and a sight to behold? This Elektra design is something that looks more like space age technology. If you love your tech and want that theme to continue throughout your home, this would be an optimal choice.

Elica - Elektra at Appliance City

Since then Elica has continued to revolutionise the hoods they make, breaking style boundaries with each and every one. They continue to astound and amaze us with what they come up with and we can’t wait to see what more they have to offer.

If you are looking for something to complete your kitchen that just has that wow factor, you can’t go wrong with one of the stylish, designer hoods by Elica.


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