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spotlight on fisher & paykel

Your kitchen is more than just a room; it's the heart and soul of your home and no one understands that better than Fisher & Paykel. Their products all begin with desire to understand the question 'how do you live?' so that they can design and build products to enhance real lives and solve real problems.

Browse below to find out more about Fisher & Paykel's innovative technologies such as, DishDrawer and ActiveSmart or download the free product catalogues to find your perfect Fisher & Paykel appliance.

Fisher & Paykel Innovations:

Here's a small snapshot of some of the innovations you can expect from Fisher & Paykel.

Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart™

Your fridge door is the most used door in your home and, every time it is opened, the temperature changes around your food. The challenge is maintaining a consistent and controlled environment despite ongoing changes inside and outside the fridge. ActiveSmart™ achieves this through constantly monitoring how you and your family use your fridge, adjusting airflow to maintain a stable and even temperature.

At the heart of Fisher & Paykel’s Fridge-Freezers is the ability to sense and respond to daily use in an intelligent way. The combination of temperature sensors with smart electronics and variable-speed fans creates a controlled environment and optimum temperature for better food care. It is called ActiveSmart™ Technology.

Welcome to Dish Drawer Technology
Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer™ Technology

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer™ dishwashers are designed to make doing the dishes easier than ever before. The combination of a drawer-based system with smart electronics and independent wash technology delivers unparalleled cleaning and better ergonomics. It is called DishDrawer™ Technology. Each Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer™ product is a self-contained dishwasher with technology that allows traditional double-format or separate modules to be configured at an ergonomic height, allowing complete design freedom.

Wide, tall, double and single-drawer options allow you to choose the combination that works best for your lifestyle. The dishwashers in this range can be concealed behind kitchen cabinetry to seamlessly blend in with your kitchen.

Buy Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Flick through our handy categories below to find the Fisher & Paykel appliance you desire:

  • Ovens

    Fisher & Paykel Ovens

    Fisher & Paykel's Built-In Ovens are designed with full range of cooking modes, providing greater control and flexibility. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding cook, as well as safety features including multiple pane glass doors and cooling systems that ensure surfaces remain cool. Fisher & Paykel Built-In Ovens are programmed to heat to a high temperature, before automatically lowering the temperature to deliver the perfect roast.

  • Range Cookers

    Fisher & Paykel Cookers

    On the outside, style is a matter of taste. A little chef waits on the inside that can't wait to impress. Fisher and Paykel’s Range Cookers give you the flexibility to prepare several courses simultaneously. With extra-large or double ovens, combined with five or six-burner gas hobs, the clean lines in glass and stainless steel complement any modern kitchen.

  • Hobs

    Fisher & Paykel Hobs

    We cook to create. It's an art as well as a science and as much about feel as it is about control. Fisher & Paykel's hob family is designed to deliver choice and control. Whether your preference is gas, induction or electric, there is a full range of configurations and sizes to suit any cooking style. Each product has been designed to deliver complete control – high heat, low heat and easy cleanability.

  • Dishwashers

    Fisher & Paykel Dishwashers

    What can we say? With the option of two dishwashers in one. Universally recognised as the world's most advanced dishwasher. And even that doesn't do justice to the unique DishDrawer. Wide, tall, double and single-drawer options allow you to choose the combination that works best for your lifestyle. Put delicate crystal in one drawer, heavily soiled pots in the other, and let the ultimate in dishwashers take over.

  • Washing Machines

    Fisher & Paykel Laundry

    Fisher & Paykel front loader washing machines are full of features to make life easier and more efficient. The expertly developed SmartDrive Technology revolutionises the way their machines work and because the belts and pulleys have been removed, Fisher & Paykel Washers are extremely reliable, whisper quiet and achieve the top energy efficiency rating of A+++.

  • Hoods

    Fisher & Paykel Hoods

    Kitchen inspiration doesn't exist in a vacuum but simple and responsive extraction is always important. Built to perform, Fisher and Paykel's Cooker Hoods effectively capture and eliminate cooking odours, vapour and steam. Each has been designed as the perfect partner product to Fisher and Paykel hobs and features sleek black glass with brushed stainless steel.

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