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Spotlight on Bosch...

spotlight on bosch

Bosch.. established over 170 years ago in the UK has become a leading global enginering and technology services company. Bosch are involved in huge projects tackling the world's major challenges as well as innovating in white and brown goods.

Bosch have been providing practical solutions since 1843 on lots of products we now take for granted. In short, Bosch are a brand you can trust.

Bosch Innovations:

Here's a small snapshot of some of the innovations you can expect from Bosch.

Discover Idos: Intelligent Washing

Bosch Vitafresh

This smart technology provides consistent temperature by circulating the cold air around the VitaFresh bins. But it's not just the cold; it's the humidity that keeps your food fresh. And with a unique high tech lining,

VitaFresh automatically provides the precise humidity level that benefits perishable foods, like lettuce. VitaFresh extends the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables keeping them fresher longer, reducing the trips you make to the supermarket, saving you time and money.

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Bosch Active Water

ActiveWater technology from Bosch is a revolutionary new dishwashing system that gets the maximum use out of each and every drop of water.

This incredible increase in efficiency has been achieved through maximum water efficiency in the rinse cycles, faster heating-up, targeted water circulation and improved pump performance meaning that the new ActiveWater dishwashers use less water, less energy but with increased performance.

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