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Welcome to AEG at Appliance City

Nothing should get in the way of achieving beautiful results, which is why AEG are dedicated to creating appliances that help you pursue your passion - your own personal definition of perfection. It's this thinking that lies at the heart of everything they do to enhance your experience every time you use them.

AEG Ovens

When you cook with an AEG oven, expect advanced technology, smart design and a huge range of features that do much more than just control time and temperature. The AEG Pyrolux cleaning feature uses the latest technology to clean the oven itself. Once the Pyroluxe setting has been selected, the oven heats to 500°C and burns off even the most stubborn residues, leaving only a light ash which can simply be wiped away.

AEG Compact Appliances

AEG's compact range of appliances offers powerful performance in a small design. Simply select the combination of appliances which best suit your needs and space, from steam ovens, combination microwaves, warming drawers and even a fully automatic coffee machine. Whichever models you go for you can be assured that they will match up perfectly in your new kitchen with the AEG oven range.

AEG Washing Machines & Dryers

Not everyone does laundry the same way. That’s why AEG load sizes vary from 3.5 to 8kg. Because we know that some people wash and dry for the whole family, some wash all of your linens and large bed covers at once, and some wash more frequently, resulting in smaller loads. These machines also optimise the amount of energy and water normally used when washing smaller loads more often.

AEG Fridges & Freezers

For food to stay at the peak of freshness conditions must be precisely right – and what’s perfect for one food isn’t right for another. The solution, based on years of research, is LongFresh. LongFresh storage drawers can be set individually to create conditions ideal for their contents. AEG's high-performing technology saves energy too. A++ models use up to 45% less energy than a standard A-class appliance.

AEG Dishwashers

AEG dishwashers are designed to fit in any kitchen and handle any size load. The XXL tub gives ten litres more loadable volume than any on the market, while keeping the same external dimensions. So you get more room inside for large plates & pans without taking up more room outside. Seen but not heard, AEG dishwashers are designed for near-silent operation without compromising on washing performance.

AEG Freestanding Cookers

The New Hot Air system system ensures hot air circulates evenly throughout the extra-large oven cavity, for consistent results at every level of the oven. The Cataluxe® cleaning system enables you to clean the oven in the most efficient way. It oxidises grease and dirt, leaving a fine ash that can be wiped clean. Program your cooker using the large LCD touch-control display. It can also show you the time, cooking mode and temperature.

AEG Hobs

Choosing a hob is very much a matter of personal preference so AEG offer a wide range of gas, electric ceramic and induction models to suit your needs. Gas on glass hobs offer the ultimate style statement with the sleek aesthetic of ceramic glass with the versatility and precision of gas cooking. AEG MaxiSense induction hobs offer the ultimate flexibility enabling multiple pans to be used on the same zone.

AEG Cooker Hoods

Whether you prefer to be discreet or to make a bold statement in the kitchen, AEG can help you choose a cooker hood that suits your style. The possibilities are almost infinite; with wall-mounted or island, touch, button or slider controls, a variety of performance modes, filters, colours, finishes, and more. Some models are insulated with a special noise-reducing material, making the noise level even lower, but never less powerful.