Looking After Your Fridge Freezer

Your fridge freezer needs to be well looked after if you are to get the most out of your purchase. They aren’t exactly cheap, so you don’t want to have to buy a replacement once you own one. The best way to avoid it is by taking good care of your fridge freezer as you use and own it. 

We’re going to share some of our top tips of how to look after your freezer so it can enjoy a long and prosperous life serving your household. 

Should I Defrost My Fridge Freezer?

One of the most important things to do for any freezer or fridge freezer is to defrost it regularly. Build-up of frost can lead to damage in your fridge freezer, it may obstruct your freezer drawers and in trying to use them in this scenario, it’s very easy to break the drawers. 

On top of that, with excessive frost build-up, the freezer loses efficiency, using more energy to do its job and sending your bills up in the process. 

We’ve already written a comprehensive guide on how to defrost your freezer, so check that out for our sage advice.

Do I Need to Clean My Fridge Freezer Regularly?

Staying on top of your fridge freezer cleaning to make sure no mould is growing and you aren’t potentially risking your health. Use an all-purpose disinfectant to clean and if there are any stubborn smells, a combination of warm water and bicarbonate of soda will do the trick.

This won’t necessarily prolong the life of your fridge freezer, it will make it better to use and reduce your risk of falling ill.

How do I Make Sure It’s Sealed?

Not only do you need to be absolutely sure that the door is being closed properly every time the fridge freezer is used, but the door seal itself should be checked up on to ensure it is in good shape. 

Simply put, if your door seal is damaged or broken then it won’t be able to regulate its temperature as well, with warmer air flooding in. 

Where’s the Best Place to Put My Fridge Freezer?

The position of your fridge freezer is important. The likelihood is that it’s going to be in your kitchen. This is fine, they’re designed to be in the kitchen. However, if you’re putting it in the kitchen make sure it’s at least a few feet away from your oven or hobs.

If your fridge freezer is close to these appliances it may have to work harder to keep itself cool due to the proximity of the higher temperatures. 

If you are able to place your fridge freezer in a cooler room like your garage, then definitely consider it. If it’s a cooler room it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the contents cool, improving its efficiency. 

How Do You Ensure the Correct Temperature? 

Your fridge freezer is temperature and with two different sections it’s important to know the reasoning behind why certain temperatures are recommended. We’ve already written a guide for the ideal freezer temperature, as well as what temperature to set your fridge to.

Those guides tackle the what, why and how of ideal refrigeration temperature so have a read to learn more about that. 

Don’t Overpack Your Freezer

Too many contents in your freezer obstructs the circulation of air inside. This will cause your fridge freezer to work more than required for it to maintain its temperature. 

You want to keep it about three-quarters full, this is especially true of the fridge portion of the fridge freezer. Your freezer can handle a bit more stock but again it shouldn’t be completely full.

Follow these top tips to ensure that your fridge freezer has a long and healthy life. A fridge freezer is a great purchase to make for your home. Multi-functional, convenient and stylish, there’s a reason why fridge freezers are fast becoming a household standard.

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