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The power of built-in…

Built-in appliances really speak for themselves. Aesthetically pleasing, functional and space saving, built-in appliances are hugely popular amongst home owners. Designed to look seamless they can be a real focal point in any kitchen.

Built-in appliances range from double ovens, single ovens and built-under double ovens, warming drawers, microwaves, compact ovens, steam ovens and coffee machines. If you get matching appliances and line them up in many different configurations, they can look aesthetically perfect. Seamless, flawless and stunning. Quite often designed in black glass and stainless steel, however other colour variations are available depending on brand, built-in appliances are the perfect option regardless of style, colour and design of your kitchen. They do however tend to sit in tall housing units, unless you have a space for a built-under double oven in your lower cabinetry. They are incredibly space saving, so if you have a smaller kitchen, they are a superb choice, giving you all the functionality your kitchen needs.

Built-in ovens are a must have appliance. Most built-in ovens are electric with a small selection of models being gas. Electric fan ovens have fast heat up times and even heat distribution which is why they are incredibly popular. They often have multiple cooking functions for ultimate flexibility. So, your inner chef can be released into the wild world of cooking. With functions like SteamBake, CircoTherm, MoisturePlus, FullSteam and VarioSteam simply to name a few, a built-in oven is a fantastic choice if you want to enhance your cooking skills.

Double trouble…
Double ovens are designed to be built into a tall housing unit. Most offer a large main oven and a smaller secondary oven. If it’s an electric double oven you’re looking for, most brands have a selection of models ranging from a basic fan oven with conventional top oven to multifunctional main ovens with electric or touch controls.

Bosch HBM13B261B
Built-in Serie 6 double oven is one of our best buy models. An electric double oven which features a 71-litre main oven and 35-litre secondary oven. With an A/B energy rating this oven must be fitted into a tall housing unit.

Neff U14M42N5GB
CircoTherm built-in double oven again is one of our best buy models. It is an energy efficient oven featuring a 67-litre main oven with a range of cooking functions and a 35-litre secondary oven. This model features a Titan Enamel interior and catalytic top and rear liners to make cleaning your oven easier. It also has heat reflective doors and must be fitted into a tall housing unit.

Single pringle…
Single ovens can be built underneath the work surface or in a tall housing unit depending on personal preference, with corresponding compact appliances such as a combination microwave, coffee machine or a steam oven. Some models offer incredible cleaning systems such as catalytic liners and pyrolytic self-cleaning options so scrubbing your oven is a thing of the past. Imagine an oven that cleans for you. It really is a thing! An amazing one at that.

Neff B57CR22N0B
Slide & hide pyrolytic single oven is one of our most popular best buys. With self-cleaning technology, this oven saves you time and effort when it comes to cleaning. It features a 71-litre capacity, 12 cooking functions and CircoTherm technology for simultaneously baking and roasting. It is the number one choice after being used in the Great British Bake Off kitchen. The slide & hide door disappears in one soft sweeping movement which is not only space saving but also very safe.

AEG BS730472KM
Built-in MaxiKlasse Steam single oven is another one of our best buy ovens. Enhance your cooking skills with this superb MaxiKlasse ProCombi built-in electric oven from AEG. With its XL 74-litre capacity you’ll have over 30% extra space then standard ovens and teamed up with 15 cooking functions to cater to your every food need. This oven has fast heat up times which eliminates the need for preheating.

Built-under wonder…
If you don’t have enough room for a built-in double oven in a tall housing unit, but you want the flexibility of two ovens, a built-under double oven fits neatly under your worktop with your kitchen plinth running underneath. Some models offer multifunction main ovens, electronic temperature controls and catalytic liners.

Smeg DUSF44X
Built-under Cucina double oven is a best buy model of ours. With a 62-litre main oven and a 36-litre secondary oven this model has an easy to clean enamel interior and removable inner door glass, making cleaning up after your culinary concoctions an absolute breeze.

Built-under electric oven, again in one of our best buy models. With a 50-litre main oven and a 35-litre secondary oven, this model has an A/A energy rating and is finished in stunning black. This model is to be fitted under the worktop.

Look at some of the below examples of built-in appliances.

Siemens Built-in appliances
AEG Built-in appliances
Miele Built-in appliances

We’ve just expanded our built-in oven range in our Bunny showroom, giving you a wider range to browse, touch and experience face to face or should i say face to appliance.

If built-in is your thing, give a member of our sales team a call for more information on the appliances mentioned in this blog or any of the built-in appliances on our website. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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