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NikolaTesla Switch

Elica Extraction
Elica NikolaTesla Switch in situ

You may be familiar with the stunning NikolaTesla hob which was Elica’s first induction cooktop with a fully integrated air system. The central fan, otherwise known as the cooker hood is perfectly integrated into the cooktop itself which guarantees high performance in terms of capturing fumes, noise levels and energy efficiency.

Well now, they’ve made the NikolaTesla Switch. The latest downdraft induction cooktop by Elica created to revolutionise your daily cooking experience and turn the point of view of the kitchen, quite literally, upside down.

The Switch has four cooking zones featuring the latest generation induction system and is equipped with a double bridge function allowing two adjacent zones to work simultaneously. This gives you the flexibility of uniform cooking even when using larger sized pots and pans. Available in a sophisticated black ceramic glass with details in cast iron and in the more versatile white ceramic glass version combined with polished steel. Two stunning colours to add the wow factor to your kitchen.

NikolaTesla Switch in white

The central flap allows for 360-degree rotation with a double exterior finish, on one hand glass and on the other cast iron or steel depending on your selected version; black or white. The beauty of the Switch is it comes in both a filtration and exterior version to suit your kitchen design accordingly.

The Switch’s clever use of sensors, measure the air quality and enable it to automatically adjust the extraction speed accordingly, whilst optimising power consumption. All round winner.

Naturally, the Switch has some benefits;

Once you have activated the Airmatic function, the intelligent sensor system detects the quantity but more importantly the quality of the fumes produced by your food and sets the most suitable aspiration power accordingly.

When it becomes important to focus only on what’s cooking you can activate this function. The auto aspiration system adjusts automatically to the number and power of the used cooking zones.

Bridge Zones…
The beauty of bridge zones is that they can work both individually or combined for a more homogenous cooking using both baking pans and large pans. Thanks to this technology is it the hobs surface that adapts itself to the type of pots being used at the time. Clever little thing.

Pot Detector…
The hob helps you save time and money. It lets you know when a cooking zone is on but not being used, avoiding wasted energy and automatically turning on a cooking zones when it detects a pot.

Stop + go…
If for whatever reason you get interrupted during cooking, or if you need to grab something from another room or simply just want to have a rest and sit down, with just a single movement, pressing the stop + go button, you can switch off all the cooking zones and you can walk away with complete confidence that everything on your hob is safe. No nasty spillages, or fires happening whilst you take a break.

Temperature Manager…
When using this function, you can be assured that your cooked dishes will always be perfect. You can set the hob with three programmes (42, 72 or 92 degrees). The temperature settings have been optimised for both very delicate cooking such as sauces, keeping food warm and delicate desserts, as well as cooking at higher power.

NikolaTesla Switch in use

With a slight design change on the aesthetics, the NikolaTesla Switch oozes as much style and functionality as the original NikolaTesla hob. So, which NikolaTesla will you choose?

If you require more information on the Elica NikolaTesla hobs or on any of Elica’s products, please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help!
0115 965 1937 🙂

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