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LG Steam Cleaning

Steam Washing Machines

LG steam technology offers remarkable savings in water and energy consumption using up to 29% less water and 20% less electricity when compared to a conventional 8kg capacity washing machine with an ‘A’ energy rating.

Water & Energy Saving

Steam particles are smaller than water droplets and can penetrate fabrics better, this improves the washing performance and lowers the water consumption. Conventional washing machines consume more water than the LG Steam Direct Drive machines and they require more energy to heat and distribute the water.

The dual spray system simultaneously releases steam and water into the drum improving efficiency and using a smaller amount of water. These machines are ‘A+++’ energy rated which is 20% more efficient than an ‘A’ class equivalent.


Allergy Care

The LG Steam system is designed to eradicate virtually all bacteria and germs from your wash. Steam is able to maintain the temperatures needed to properly sanitise your family’s clothing, eliminating dust particles, pollen and dust mites.

A combination of tiny steam particles and a ten minute spin at sixty degrees washes out 99.98% of annoying allergy enhancers from your clothes, sheets and towels.

Click here to see a demonstration video of an LG Direct Drive Steam washing machine in action on our Youtube channel.

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