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Free Stoves Dishwasher With Selected Stoves Induction Range Cookers!

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Induction – The future of cooking!

Stoves pride themselves on being at the forefront of innovation and technology. That’s why, in a number of their products you’ll find induction technology – a unique new way of cooking that uses no direct heat source.

Without getting too technical, induction is like having an individual heating element embedded in the base of each pan. When the pan is placed on an induction hob it completes a magnetic circuit below the hob’s surface. This circuit creates energy within the base of the pan which, in turn, heats the pan and its contents. What’s more, because the heat is generated inside the pan, using a smaller pan than the hob’s surface will not waste any energy.

  • Ceramic hobs use more energy by heating the entire ring even if a pan is only covering half the surface (see image on right)
  • Induction cooking gives you outstanding low-heat performance and increased control. Melting chocolate without it sticking to the pan becomes simple. Induction hobs create no direct heat so controlling the temperature is simple and instantaneous.
  • Induction hobs heat the pan not the surface of the hob, so no energy is even wasted (see image on right). As you can see the ice cube on the unused section of the hob doesn’t melt even when the hob is in use.
  • Induction hobs work with any pan that has iron in its base.
  • Induction hobs can boil water considerably faster than a ceramic hob and twice as fast as a gas hob.

How induction can be a revelation in your kitchen….

With its helpful, intuitive technology, fast heat-up times, added safety and increased energy efficiency, cooking with Stoves induction range cookers means you can achieve perfect results every time.


Intuitive technology that helps you achieve perfect results

  • Pause function – this allows you to shutdown and re-start the product at the touch of a button
  • Recall function – this automatically saves your last temperature setting in the hob’s intelligent management system
  • Automatic switch off – this allows you to pre-programme each of the hob’s cookzones to turn off whenever you wish.
  • Griddle zone – this allows you to pair two of the cooking elements to create one large cooking zone
  • Minute minder – a timer and alarm system that tells you when your selected time has elapsed
  • Keep warm – delivers constant low temperature, perfect for melting chocolate and delicate sauces.


Reaches the required temperature faster

  • Induction technology – nearly twice as fast as a gas hob and 30% faster than a ceramic hob
  • The hob’s automatic heat up function will initially heat up to its highest temperature before dropping to the selected setting. This really speeds up the heating process, ideal for cooking pasta
  • Power boost – draws additional power when recquired, perfect for wok cooking


Added peace of mind

  • Safety shutdown function. If left unattended for a long period, all cookzones on the hob are turned off safely
  • Child lock – disables all of the hob’s controls for added safety
  • Pan overheat sensor – if left unattended, the hob automatically shuts down before a dangerous temperature is reached
  • Pan detection function – this means the hob will not function until a suitable pan is placed on the ring


The most energy efficient way to cook

  • Induction technology – approximately 30% more efficient than a gas hob and 25% more than a ceramic hob
  • Ceramic finish – this is easy to wipe-clean, meaning that spillages don’t burn onto the surface.

For a limited time we will be offering a free S600DW Stoves integrated dishwasher, worth £340, with selected Stoves induction range cookers sold. View our range of Stoves induction range cookers now.

Not available on Colour Boutique, Centenary or CookCentre models. Offer is available whilst stocks last and can be cancelled at any time. Offer only available on selected Stoves induction range cookers. No alternative for S600DW is available or will be offered.
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