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Make it wonderful with Franke Vital taps…

Franke Vital

Franke’s motto is “Make it wonderful” and with the new Vital collection, they have done just that!

For over 100 years Franke have maintained their pioneering spirit. Starting out as a humble sheet metal business, they developed the brand into one of the most innovative sink and tap brands on the market. The latest range of Franke taps focus on providing clean, filtered water combined with beautiful design. Here we take a look at the benefits of the Vital collection…

Convenient & easy to use

There is no complicated installation required. The capsule is so small that it can be removed and replaced with ease. Because the filter component is attached to the tap above the work surface, it is easy to notice when the filter needs replacing. The LED light on the tap indicates when it is time to change the capsule. Each capsule lasts on average around four months and you can order these quickly and conveniently online.

Hygienic & safe

The patented filter technology delivers great tasting, clean water. Not only does this high-tech membrane filter out larger particles as you would expect, it also removes 99% of bacteria and viruses. It also removes pesticides, hormones and micro-plastics. Your water will taste better but more importantly it will also be healthier.

Stylish & iconic

Vital taps have an iconic, striking design that would look fantastic in any kitchen. These space saving taps are available in different designs and two colour options. Choose from either chrome and gunmetal or matt black and SilkSteel. View the full collection here.

Franke imagery of Vital capsule filter

Where the magic happens…

So how do Franke manage to remove all the impurities in such a small water filter? This is the first ever filter system to combine active carbon with a bionic membrane. It can filter up to 500 litres of tap water into clean, filter water to provide pure refreshment. According to Franke, this is the world’s most advanced water filter, and also the smallest. You can count on outstanding quality and performance as this filter is made in Switzerland.

Environmentally friendly…

One other key benefit of using filtered water is possibly the most crucial in today’s climate. It is environmentally friendly. When you have pure, filtered water on tap, you are less likely to be purchasing countless bottles of water. Reducing our consumption of single use plastic will have an immensely positive impact on the environment. You can also save yourself extra cash! The average litre bottle of water from a supermarket costs 65p whereas a Franke Vital capsule will purify up to 500 litres of water and costs just £30, it won’t need replacing for up to four months. Saving yourself money whilst being eco-conscious? Sounds ideal to us!

Choose the right solution for you…

There are many different tap options available with the Vital collection. There is a classic 3-in-1 tap with 360° rotation for maximum flexibility, this J-Spout tap has a Perlator to give your water a champagne like flow for an extra luxurious touch. Then there’s the Semi-Pro tap which has a pull-out flexible spray; ideal for washing salad and vegetables, which also has the 360° rotation and Perlator giving you the best of both worlds. Not looking to replace your current tap but still want this top quality filtered water? There is also a stand alone filter tap which is compact, minimalistic and still allows you to enjoy fresh drinking water every day in a smaller appliance.

If you prefer your water to be chilled then there is also a Vital Capsule chiller available to connect to your Vital tap. This compact chiller sits underneath the sink and has a 2.5 litre capacity. Ranging between 5-12°C you can choose your ideal water temperature with ease.

Get in touch!

If you want to know more about the Franke Vital collection or you have any kitchen appliance queries then our sales team are more than happy to help! Call our friendly and knowledgable team on 0115 965 1937 or shop online. If you are local to our showroom in Bunny, Nottingham then why not pop in and speak to our team in person? We stock a huge variety of appliances in our showroom to give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your own home.

Franke Vital

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