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Fisher & Paykel Dishdrawer Competition


Come Dishwash With Us! Win a Fisher Paykel Stainless Steel Double DishDrawer™ In Our Free Prize Draw!

Let’s be honest, Summer 2012 hasn’t been too great weather wise! True, we have had 29 shiny gold medals so far, to brighten up our days and hopefully more to come in the 2012 London Paralympics, but the good old British weather hasn’t allowed for too many smoky BBQ’s or outdoor eating.

Some might say a big thank goodness, clear up afterwards is always something to be avoided at all costs! Plates, glasses, salad bowls, not to mention awkward cooking utensils and cookware…….

We have the solution – The Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer™ has the ability to be used as both a large dishwasher and also two smaller dishdrawers, for those smaller lunchtime loads, to help make dishwashing as time, energy and hassle saving as possible.

Fancy winning one???

Just answer our easy question below, give us some contact details, even recommend a friend for an extra entry, and you will be placed in our prize draw to win a stainless steel Fisher Paykel Double DishDrawer™

More about the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer™


While the advantages of dishwashing in a drawer format make so much sense to the customer, it is Fisher & Paykel’s technological ability to make it work that is genius. The challenge has been to make a drawer dishwasher achievable, yet simple. Fisher & Paykel’s DishDrawer™ dishwasher successfully combines compact technologies to provide a space efficient dishwasher in a drawer. The combination of the unique SmartDrive™ motor technology with intelligent electronics and simple mechanics means more space for dishes, greater reliability and better performance. The DishDrawer™ dishwasher’s internal microprocessor controls how the wash mechanism operates based on the load and wash cycle. The spray arm rotates at different speeds depending on the wash cycle selected to deliver better dish care.

SmartDrive™ Wash Mechanism

The unique brushless DC motor acts as both a wash pump and a drain pump, which means less moving parts and greater reliability. The pump brings water into the spray arm, which rotates at different speeds depending on the wash cycle selected to deliver a superior clean and better dish care.

Nine Wash Options

All DishDrawer™ dishwashers feature nine wash programmes tailored to different washing requirements: Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Delicate Eco, Delicate, Normal Eco, Normal, Heavy Eco, Heavy. The range of settings enables DishDrawer™ to wash everything from fine glass and crystal to heavily soiled pots and pans at the touch of a button. Primary and secondary controls provide a simple interface for programme selection and operation while the delay start setting means the dishes can be done when it’s most convenient.

Superior Filtration

One of the challenges in all dishwashers is a robust filter system that removes debris and avoids blocking. The kidney filter and overmoulded filter plate creates a firm seal to ensure that debris does not enter the wash mechanism and cause backflow. It is designed to be removable for easy and hygienic cleaning.

Adjustable Racking System

DishDrawer™ includes a range of flexible and adjustable racking options for different wash requirements. The flexible cutlery basket can be customised for different utensils and incorporates a separate small item container for easy loading and unloading. Pitch adjustable folding tines allow greater flexibility to customise loads. Tines can be folded flat to accommodate a full load of pots and pans or fold up to hold delicate glassware and crystal. Pitch adjustable racks can accommodate normal plates or simply slide and the rack can conveniently stack deep bowls. Wine glass holders ensure delicate glasses are secure throughout the wash and all side racking is fully adjustable to accommodate short stem and long stem glasses. Added retainer clips are ideal for holding chopping boards and plastic containers in position during wash cycles. All this enables a maximum of 7 place settings within each drawer.

Safety Features

DishDrawer™ dishwasher incorporates unique safety features such as Child Lock which both locks the drawer to prevent opening as well as disabling the buttons. In addition it includes three stage flood protection; the high strength hose withstands water pressure several times greater than normal, overfill detection cuts the water supply if limits are exceeded and the back-up switch activates the drain pump to remove any excess water.

Flow through Detergent Dispenser

The DishDrawer™ detergent dispenser ensures that undissolved detergent does not drop into the tub, but instead is mixed as the machine fills with water. This not only cleans each load better but also reduces the possibility of damaging delicate items such as aluminum, cutlery or porcelain glazes.

Independent Drawers

An independent drawer based dishwashing platform is part of what makes DishDrawer™ dishwasher unique. At bench height drawers glide open for easy access, visibility and better ergonomics. In Double DishDrawer™ dishwashers both drawers operate independently so different wash cycles can operate simultaneously to accommodate a variety of loads. Both drawers together can hold a maximum of 14 place settings. Glasses, pots and pans can be washed in separate drawers at the same time.


How many place settings can the DD60DCHX7 hold in total?

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