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Fagor Spoutnik Arrives At Appliance City


Fagor has launched Spoutnik; a brand new Microwave with a revolutionary transparent domed design.

Named after the first ever satellite launched into Earth’s orbit, Spoutnik is designed in homage to the 20th Century space-age, yet features 21st Century technologies. Fashionably on-trend with its up-to-the minute aesthetic it has soft touch controls with a digital display, a smart illuminated turntable and is very simple to use.

Spoutnik comes in a galaxy of bright colours: Blue Odyssey, Green Flash and Ultra Violet.

The 700kW microwave is truly versatile for its size; its unique spherical shape and spacious interior can accommodate a wide range of microwave dishes from fresh vegetables and rice to a small roast chicken! Furthermore, unlike the traditional microwave, you always have a 360º view of what’s cooking inside!

See the Spoutnik in action here!

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