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Energy Efficiency… Appliances that work harder for your home

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In today’s society we are far more energy conscious than ever before. With smart meters in use in the majority of UK homes, as consumers we are much more switched on when it comes to ways of saving energy.

Whether for cost saving or environmental reasons, saving energy has become a focus for many UK homes in recent years. Did you know after central heating; fridge freezers are the biggest contributors to home energy bills? Averaging around 20% of the electricity bills in a UK household, it’s no wonder people are searching for more energy efficient appliances.

Smart Ways to Save Energy

Fridge Freezers

  • DON’T leave your fridge freezer doors open too long as this can increase cold air loss meaning your appliance has to work harder to maintain the correct temperature.
  • DON’T Overfill your fridge. Around ¾ full is ideal as air can still circulate around the appliance without overworking it.
  • DO regularly defrost your freezer as this maintains efficiency.
  • DO Defrost frozen food in your fridge. The cool air that the defrosting food emits will help to keep the temperature of your fridge colder without using as much energy.

Washing Appliances

  • DO fully load appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers. Doing less cycles with a fuller load means using less energy and getting the most of your appliance when it is in use.
  • DO use economy programmes and wash at 30°C where you can as with modern detergents this will still clean your laundry or dishes just as efficiently as a hotter setting.

Ovens & Hobs

  • DON’T keep opening the oven door as this causes hot air loss, forcing the oven to use more energy to maintain the correct temperature.
  • DO make sure you are using the right size pan for the cooking ring you are using.

Energy Ratings

Electrical appliances including fridge freezers, electric ovens and washing machines are all labelled with an EU energy label which indicates how efficient, or inefficient the appliance is. Since July 2012 all new fridges and freezers must have a minimum rating of A+. The scale ranges from A+++ to G with G being the least efficient. You can also find out the annual energy consumption in kWh as well as noise level on these labels – useful!

Energy Efficient Ratings Chart

We have taken a look at the top energy rated appliances and picked out our best buys below;

Fridge Freezers

Whether you are looking for an American fridge freezer or a slimline model, modern or retro style we have a vast range of A+++ rated fridge freezers to suit any kitchen.


Smeg FAB32LCR3UK is slim and sleek with a classic retro finish. Stylish and efficient, this fridge freezer is sure to make a statement.

Liebherr SBSBS8673

Liebherr are at the top end of refrigeration. The SBSBS8673 model boasts a 629 litre capacity and uses BioFresh technology to keep food fresher for longer.

Samsung RB41J7859S4

Samsung RB41J7859S4 has many handy features including; multi air flow cooling, a fast freeze function and energy saving LED lighting.


Washing Machines

With great eco settings and lower temperature settings, there are plenty of added features on modern washing machines to help reduce energy costs. Our three top picks all have A+++ ratings and come from well known brands at great price points. Shop our best buys from LG, Hotpoint and Bosch.


Powered by Direct Drive motors the LG F4J6JY1W has no belt which means no loss of power, less vibration and more control. A very efficient machine indeed! 


The Hotpoint NM11946BCA can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. Not only that, it can also remove over 100 different types of stains at just 20°C.


Bosch WAWH8660GB

Bosch WAWH8660GB is the ultimate eco friendly washing machine! SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions can save up to 50% energy. Water saving sensors reduce water wastage too.


Tumble Dryers

With tumble dryers being one of the most expensive appliances in the household to run, it is worth looking into the most energy efficient options that will also save you money. Heat pump condensers can significantly reduce the running costs compared to a typical tumble dryer. We take a look at three A+++ rated appliances below;


The Eco Hybrid LG RC80U2AV2W is a heat pump condensing tumble dryer which can save up to 21% energy as well as a cost saving. If time is of the essence you can also swap the settings to a time saving cycle which can reduce the run time by up to 24%. 

Samsung DV90N8288AX

Another A+++ energy rated tumble dryer, this Samsung DV90N8288AX is a 9kg heat pump condenser. OptimalDry Smart technology can sense when clothes are dry which ensures the best results for your laundry whilst also saving you energy.

Miele TWJ680WP

Miele TWJ680WP is a heat pump condenser with many useful functions and features to make life easier. The pre-ironing function means you don’t have to spend as long at the ironing board, great news!



The most regularly used appliances are usually your oven and hob. Cooking on a daily basis, from your full english to your roast dinner you need appliances that work hard for your household.

Franke FMY839HI

Franke FMY839HI is a A+++ energy rated induction hob with a powerful integrated extraction unit built in. Induction hobs only heat a focused area which reduces heat loss.

Fisher Paykel OS60NDB1

Eight different cooking functions on the A++ rated Fisher Paykel OS60NDB1 steam combination oven allow you flexibility in the kitchen. Cooking using a moist heat is ideal for fish, meat and vegetables and reduces the risk of burning your food!


Faber GALILEO is another A+++ energy efficient induction hob. The induction four zones can be used individually or as two larger zones for larger pans, making the most out of the space and saving heat loss. The powerful extraction system eliminates odours and steam without using too much energy.



Not only saving time but also money, using a dishwasher can prove to be a cost effective addition to any kitchen. Using the eco settings on certain dishwashers can typically use less water than washing by hand. Find out which appliances can cut your bills below;


Fisher Paykel DD60DDFHX9

The Fisher Paykel DD60DDFHX9 is the ideal dishwasher for efficiency. This twin drawer appliance gives you the option to use either drawer individually or together for larger loads. Only using the space you need ensures less water usage for smaller loads. Perfect for the environmentally conscious consumer!


Siemens SN258I06TG

This top rated A+++ dishwasher by Siemens is the SN258I06TG. Functions such as VarioSpeed can reduce the washing and drying time by up to 66%. You can programme your machine from the Home Connect App on your smartphone or tablet, setting the cycle to run at a time that suits you.


Miele G6890SCVIK2O

A fully integrated dishwasher, the Miele G6890SCVIK2O has ten wash programmes to choose from. The Half Load option ensures you are only using the energy required for less dishes. A+++ rated and a low noise level makes it ideal for busy family homes.


Now we have shared our top tips and best picks for energy efficient appliances, we would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about any of our products then please do call us on 0115 965 1937. The knowledgable and friendly sales team are more than happy to help 🙂

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