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Choosing your perfect range cooker…

Rangemaster Room sets & Feature Shots

We all like the idea of a stunning range cooker to cook and bake lots of wonderful things in our beautifully colour coordinated kitchens on a Sunday afternoon with or for the family. All those yummy aromas circulating the air. Whether you like a traditional or more contemporary style, a range cooker is the perfect addition to any kitchen no matter what your personal preference is. With the ability to cook full roast dinners, bake bread, cakes and cookies and general day to day cooking, a range cooker is a superb choice no matter whether you’re a Master Chef, a budding baker or an average cooking Joe.

If you’re looking to add class and style to your kitchen, or you simply love cooking, baking and all things food related (like me!) then a range cooker is the right choice. Range cookers come in a variety of sizes, designs and colours to suit any and every kitchen.  They also come in a variation of fuel types such as gas, dual fuel, induction and ceramic.

With premium brands like Rangemaster and Smeg at the top for the best-selling range cookers, no matter which brand you choose, you will get nothing but great quality, design and functionality. Each brand has their own individual style but still offering you a combination of fantastic cooking options and designs to suit every style and kitchen. Whether you like brighter colours such as pink, red, racing green, orange and blue or you like something more understated like stainless steel, black, oyster or ivory, there is an array of colours, depending on brand to choose from. For example, Britannia have their Colourange which allows you to take any colour you wish and have it put onto your range cooker. Whether its neon green, bright pink or mud brown, no matter the colour Britannia can customise this to suit you. Bertazzoni are also known for their array of colours such as red, orange, burgundy and yellow, as well as stainless steel, black and cream.

Rangemaster are built on a reputation of quality, durability and superb performance, making them the number 1 range cooker brand in the UK (impressive, right?). Rangemaster also offer more colour options than any other manufacturer with over 700 product variations to choose from. If you like something more traditional when it comes to design then the Rangemaster Elan or Classic would be a good option to go for. If you like something more contemporary then the Nexus or Elise are worth looking at. Perhaps you like a bit of history, in which case the original Kitchener (where it all began for Rangemaster) is a superb choice.


Smeg are typically known for their stunning 50s retro range, but they do much more than that, with modern, traditional and retro style appliances taking the market by storm. They are Italian technology with style. Smeg excel in style and a passion for food, ah food, my favourite thing ever! So, again if you like a range cooker with a more traditional style then the Victoria and Burghley options are a great choice. If, however, you like something more contemporary then the Opera and Symphony are worth considering.


Fuel types…

When considering which fuel type to go for, consider what cooking style suits you the best. Do you like cooking with gas because that’s what you are used to? Perhaps you want the best of both worlds with dual fuel, maybe you require the seamless look and therefore ceramic is the perfect choice or perhaps you want to be more economical and save some pennies. Whatever your cooking style, there is a range cooker to suit you. Aesthetics are great; but more importantly, it needs to be fully functional and support and enhance your cooking skills. You also need to consider which size fits your kitchen before making your all important decision.

A more traditional way of cooking and for those who like to see how much heat they are cooking with, gas cooking is often believed to provide the best roasting results due to the moist atmosphere which it creates, which helps to prevent your food from drying out. Some 90cm wide models also have a separate gas grill and a tall electric fan oven giving you maximum flexibility on how you want to cook or bake your foods. Available in sizes 90/100/110 cm wide.

Dual fuel…
This fuel type is an incredibly popular type of range cooker on the market, these models offer the best of both worlds – the speed and even cooking results of a fan oven and the controllability of a gas hob. Many brands offer a cast iron griddle or teppanyaki cooking plate for cooking meats, fish and vegetables on the hob. The perfect cooker if you enjoy entertaining your friends and family. Available in sizes 70/80/90/100/110/120/150 cm wide.

These types of cookers are the most energy efficient out of all the fuel types, as they have the most efficient type of hob available. Induction hobs are quicker than a gas hob, just as responsive and more economical to run. The magnets in the hob heats up the magnets in the pan meaning the heat goes directly into the pan rather than around it. If the pan is removed from the hob the heat no longer works, leaving very little heat left in the glass so you could wipe over it without burning yourself. Available in sizes 90/100/110/120 cm wide.

Electric range cookers with a ceramic hob are a popular choice amongst home owners, due to their easy clean seamless cooking surface. These cookers also offer impressive heat up times and responsive controls. Many of these models offer a multifunction fan oven which allows you to choose from a selection of cooking functions. Available in 90/100/110 cm wide.

I guess once you’ve got your fuel type decided, it falls on aesthetics. With hundreds of models to choose from, by many premium brands, you are sure to find one that fits. Plenty of colour variations to coordinate with the colour of your kitchen walls or accessories and many range cooker models also have matching cooker hoods too. You can choose to make a statement with something bright and bold, or have something more subtle, clean and classic.

If you require any more information on fuel types, brands and colours, don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937

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