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Bosch i-Dos… for the perfect dose every time

For the perfect dose every time…

Bosch are a brand that has been established for 130 years, which brings not only confidence but a sense of security when it comes to the purchase.

Forever evolving their latest technologies in the appliance world, Bosch are once again bringing you smart and efficient technology. This brings us to i-Dos.

The clever i-Dos washing machines from Bosch are designed in such a way that they determine how much detergent to be used based on how dirty your load is and how hard the water is. Cool right? So all you have to do is add detergent once which should give you 20 washes, and let i-Dos dose each wash. You can guarantee perfectly clean laundry with every single load – never too much detergent, never too little. How convenient?


Too much…

Using too much detergent, even by the smallest amount leads not only to significantly higher water and energy consumption when washing but also visible detergent residues left on clothing. Which can cause skin irritation and allergies. So even though your clothes will smell amazing, they lose how the texture of the fabric should feel, replaced with an oily feel instead. Which let’s face it, nobody really wants.

Too little…

Using too little detergent works the opposite way to using too much. Too little can lead to poorer washing results, stains won’t have been completely removed and will then leave a permanent mark on your clothing. Insufficient detergent can also result in discolouration’s and unpleasant odours. Nobody wants their clothes to smell like they haven’t been washed.



i-Dos is simple. You add in your laundry and start the automatic programme. You make a good cup of tea, grab a slice of cake, put your feet up and simply relax. How good does that sound? Because you will have added 1.3L of detergent which equals about 20 washes*, you won’t even have to think about until it has run out. If you are a fan of fabric conditioner and like to use this as a regular addition to your wash, there is a second tray for fabric conditioner so you can add detergent manually if you wish.

*Just so you know, 20 washes are based on 65ml liquid detergent per wash. This calculation will obviously vary depending on the size of the load, how soiled the load may be and which programme you put the wash on. But on average, you can get around 20 washes out of your detergent.

Water saving…

i-Dos doses each wash with millilitre precision which helps make a host of savings for you longer term. Let’s put it into perspective; up to 7,000 litres of water can be saved each year by cutting overdosing and extra rinsing. It also cuts down the average cycle time by 14 minutes, however it doesn’t compromise on outstanding results with every wash. So when you break it down like that, it sounds like a no brainer.

So with Bosch i-Dos you can use the exact amount of detergent, completely automatically. No fuss, just simplicity.

For the perfect dose every time…


Want some more information on i-dos or any other Bosch products, give a member of our team a call today 🙂

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