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Spotlight on Belling and Stoves

Get to know Belling and Stoves

Who are Belling and Stoves? Have you heard of them before? Are you a lover of the brands? Well here at Appliance City we are.


Belling is brand that has been in production since 1912. Originally started by Charles Reginald Belling in Enfield. Still to this day Belling is proudly made and manufactured right here in Britain.

Belling isn’t just another brand that’s been around for over 100 years. They’ve also been the pioneers behind some of the greatest cooking inventions we still use today, like induction ovens. The question you must ask yourself, is not ‘Why Belling?’ but ‘Why not Belling?’

Belling Stainless Steel Range Cooker - Appliance City

This induction range cooker from Belling is nothing short of gorgeous. Induction range cookers are probably one of the safest forms of cooking in the modern world. The cooktop only gets hot when in contact with a pan set made of magnetised materials. This means that if a little one turns the hob on, on accident they won’t get burned. Brilliant if you ask me!

Take a look at the kitchen above. The Belling induction range cooker looks modern and sleek amongst the black cabinetry and white granite counter tops. Coming with features like variable rate grill and easy clean enamel interior everything is cooked and cleaned to perfection. Plus with the two ovens, the main one being a fan oven you can cook enough to feed the whole family, and then some!

Cooking goes from being a horrid chore to a heavenly hobby!

View our full Belling Range and find out just what Belling can do for you


The Stoves brand is nearly as equally as old as the Belling brand. Stoves originated in 1920 and since then they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what we call ovens and cookers for home cooks and professions alike.  Like Belling, Stoves originated in Britain and is still currently manufactured in Britain. So when you buy either brand you’re contributing to the local economy.

Stoves Range Cooker - Jalapeno Red - Appliance City

Stoves offers to add a punch of colour to your kitchen with their cookers. For example, the range cooker above is in hot jalapeno red. It definitely becomes the focal point of the kitchen, whilst providing professional standard results when whipping up culinary creations. Others coloursavailable in the Colour Boutique are Icy Brook (a pearlescent white), Days Break (a vivid, light blue), Floral Burst (an intense, bright pink), Midnight Gaze (a rich, deep blue) and Wild Berry (a vibrant purple). Add character to an otherwise white kitchen, bring your own personal flare with a beautiful swatch of intense colour. The choice is yours and can completely recreate your kitchen.

What to give your kitchen a punch of colour? Try these Stoves Colour Boutique range cookers on for size.

Whether you choose a Belling or Stoves cooker you can rest assured they have and always will be made in Britain. They’re a tried and tested brand with nearly 200 years of history between them. Plus, they work to the upmost standards delivering high quality culinary delights time after time.

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