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BBQ season is well and truly here…

It’s that wonderful time of year when the weather is hot, so hot we could be sat in Greece when were in our back garden (well, sometimes). Ok so we’ve been lucky this weekend with extra HOT weather but usually it’s not a guaranteed thing for us however us Brits love a good BBQ regardless. We like to start getting the Barbie out in the spring months, it seems we cannot wait until the summer months before we’re sizzling those sausages. Hell, some of us still have BBQ’s in November!

Can’t really blame us though, I mean we only get the summer for a few days of the year, maybe a few weeks if we’re lucky and even then, it can go from scorching to raining in seconds. So, if we get a nice day it makes sense to dust off the Barbie, invite all our friends round, get those sausages and burgers sizzling and those beers in the fridge.

When we think of BBQ’s, we think of copious amounts of grilled meats and vegetables, wine, beer and anything alcoholic, laughter, reminiscing and creating new memories. The perfect weekend vibes. It takes more than just having a BBQ to cook food on to host a good party for you and your friends and family. All the food preparation, storing your beverages at the perfect temperature, ensuring there is enough selection of food and drink to suit everybody. It can be quite a task. That’s why having functional kitchen appliances can give you a helping hand. Before we go into that, let’s visualise.

Your friends and family are coming around this afternoon. You’ve got your meats chilling in your fancy American style fridge freezer, wines and prosecco chilling in your stunning wine cabinet, your warming drawer and compact oven on standby just in case the weather turns a little bit… British!

Cooler than cool…
You need nothing more when the weather is nice than a reliable fridge freezer that will keep your food cool and fresher for longer. That’s why American style fridge freezers sell like hotcakes in the summer months (well actually all year round really) and they really are a ‘must have’ appliance. Ranging from side by side, fridge above freezer, ice & water and a variation of finishes, there is most certainly a model to suit every kitchen in every home.

One of our favourite and best-selling models is the stunning Samsung RSG5UUSL stainless steel American style fridge freezer with ice & water. Boasting an impressive 615 litre storage space you can fit more than enough scrummy BBQ food and beverages in there with ease. With a twin cooling plus system, your food will be kept fresher for longer, alongside the frost-free feature, meaning your foods keep their quality.

Once you’ve got your reliable fridge freezer down to a tee, time to consider somewhere to store all that fancy wine you and your friends like to drink.  A wine cooler is not only the perfect place for your wine to live, they can also be quite a focal point in your kitchen. Something all your friends will be jealous of. Wine coolers come in a variation of sizes and zones. If you only drink one type of wine then a single temperature zone wine cooler would be sufficient. If, however you like to mix it up, or like to host many BBQ’s and parties and want to accommodate all your guests, then a multi-temperature zone wine cooler would be more likely to fit the bill. This gives you the ability to store multiple types of wine at their individual optimum storage temperatures. Making you look quite the connoisseur.

The Liebherr WTB4212 60cm freestanding multi-temperature Vinothek wine cooler is perfect for white wines and champagne. The very top of the cooler runs at 18°C and reduces the further down you go. The bottom shelf runs at 5°C. This model holds up to an impressive 200 bottles and has an insulated glass door. A very popular choice amongst our customers, not only for its functionality but its sleek and stylish design.

Warm me up…
On the odd occasion when we do get nice weather you wouldn’t necessarily think that a warming drawer or a compact oven with microwave for hosting a BBQ is really all that relevant. But with the British weather being as British as it can possibly be, there is always the risk of rain falling on your parade, quite literally. So, with that in mind consider the possibilities for moving the BBQ in doors.

Ideally a compact oven with microwave is the perfect solution in this instance. The Neff C17MR02N0B integrated compact oven with microwave, allows for multi-level cooking at the same time with no transfer of smells and flavours across food. It also allows the air to circulate evenly around the food so no need to turn your food whilst grilling. Amazing even cooking every time. Just imagine those yummy sausages and burgers cooked to perfection. Not quite that smoked BBQ taste you’d expect when attending a BBQ but hey, at least your guests will be fed with tasty evenly cooked food.

Once you’ve cooked a batch, put them in your warming drawer to keep them warm before serving. Likewise, put your plates or crockery in there to ensure they are nice and toasty ready for eating off. The AEG KD91404M electric 14cm high stainless steel warming drawer is great for warming food and crockery. With 6 place settings and variable temperature control, this warming drawer ranges from 30°C – 80°C making it the perfect kitchen assistant.

Once your kitchen is kitted out with all the latest and greatest appliances you will be the hostess with the mostest, regardless of whether it’s raining or not. So, BBQ, dinner party and lunch away with your friends and family and let your more than reliable appliances do the job for you. After all you’ve got all that eating, drinking and partying to do, right?

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