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Autumn Decoration Ideas

For me home is definitely where the heart is and it’s exactly this time of year that I feel myself yearning for duvet days, hot pots and those warm home comforts.  I love the colours that Autumn brings; the red and orange tones appeal to me in a way that cool blue, mild mint and pastels can’t. I’m a home- bod as it is, once I’m comfy and everyone is home there really isn’t very much that can move me – especially when the weather is as it is now.

I find myself wanting to experiment with new warming spices and flavours, but it’s not just all about food. I believe now is the perfect time to intervene and add that touch of warm to a dull, dark and greying atmosphere. I’ve put together a selection of my favourite Autumn decor ideas to brighten homes and spread that seasonal style far and wide.


Handmade Autumn Wreath


I love this Autumn hand made wreath by Better Homes and Gardens, just add to your front door for that warm welcome. To start, use a purchased wire wreath form and then gather natural fallen leaves and pinecones to wrap in and around. This activity is great for the kids and grandkids, a great way to get them outside and involved with creative thinking. Make your wreath as big or small as you like, or make a few to give as gifts for friends and family and embrace the season with all.


Autumn Leaf Candle holder Jar


With the recent and slightly excessive windy weather there’s definitely no shortage of leaves for this exercise. For this decoration I find the imperfect leaves are the best, adding a sense of rustic charm.  Spark and chemistry will explain how. Many will choose to use an unscented candle in the jar but I feel using a scented option is what tops off this home decoration. Yankee candles are my favourite and I use them throughout the year. For Autumn scents I recommend; Salted Caramel, Cranberry Pear, Spiced Orange and Sparkling Cinnamon tea lights. I can smell them now!


Autumn table Centrepiece


Borzii have lots of table centrepiece decoration ideas for you to try. From berries to leaves, pumpkins, lanterns and antique stands I don’t think there’s one thing that hasn’t been thought of. Whether you’re having an Autumn wedding or simply looking to spice up the family dining table there is definitely something for you to try!


If you have any ideas or suggestions for Autumn decorations, or have tried some yourself we’d love to see them! Send your pictures to [email protected]

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