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August – what was hot, hot, hot.

Another month, another top seller’s list. August saw some similar trends from July. Many popular models were still as popular throughout August as they were in June and July, and continued to be sizzling hot. Having said that, when I looked through the top sellers list for August, there was still an array of appliances taking our sales by storm. So once again, out of hundreds of our best sellers, I’ve chosen several to stand proud in the spotlight.

Heat me up…
Cooking as a category is always a popular one (as you can imagine), I mean everyone needs something to cook with, whether it’s an oven, a range cooker, microwave or hob, everyone needs these appliances to well, cook! Or at least attempt, for those of us who aren’t budding chefs or bakers. So, what was hot, hot, hot in the world of cooking in August? With some incredible deals currently on AEG ovens, there is no surprise that they are selling like hot cakes.

The AEG BP300311KM built-in SteamBake Pyrolytic Multi-function single oven is a self-cleaning single oven, with an impressive 30% bigger capacity (74 litres) than a standard oven. This oven heats up to 500°C to clean itself however is energy efficient with an A energy rating. With fast heat up times, you never have to wait around to pre-heat your oven. It’s impressive anti-fingerprint coating enables you to keep it seamless no matter how often you use it.

The Siemens HB672GBS1B IQ-700 built-in Pyrolytic Multifunction single oven has also been selling like hot cakes through August. Streamlined black glass design and a 71-litre capacity, this oven has 8 cooking functions with automatic rapid heat up, which means the oven can go from cold to a temperature of 175°C in an impressive 5 minutes on hot air heating. The residual heat indicator allows you to utilise the heat remaining in the oven to complete cooking, or to keep warm. With an A+ energy rating this oven is incredibly energy efficient.

Other top sellers include the AEG HK654200FB 60cm 4 zone bevelled edge induction hob which is stylish and energy efficient, with added safety locks it’s perfect for a family setting. Also, the Best HOOD-BE-LI-90-GL Lift 90cm downdraft extractor which is stunning in design as it’s stainless steel and black glass, it has 4 speed settings, touch controls and rises from the worktop at the touch of a button. Both superb additions to any kitchen.

Cooler than cool…
We always need reliable refrigeration, whether you have a big family, like to cook a lot or host parties for you and your friends. A reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing fridge freezer is a must. We sell hundreds and hundreds of fridges, freezers, American style fridge freezers and wine coolers, all in various sizes, styles, colours and efficiency, but something to suit any and every kitchen.  We have some fantastic models, hundreds in fact, so it’s impossible to narrow the selection down. However, I have picked a few of our August best-sellers, well they’ve been best-sellers for months and months now, and it’s obvious why.

Let’s start with the Bosch KAG90AI20G American style fridge freezer with ice & water and HomeBar. This fridge freezer has an impressive 522 litre capacity, flexible shelving and compartments. With multi-flow air cooling and humidity controlled FreshProtect box, this technology is designed to keep your food fresher for longer. The HomeBar drop down door is brilliant and useful. With an A+ energy rating, this fridge freezer is functional and energy efficient.

Fancy something bigger? The LG GSL761PZXV American style non-plumbed ice & water fridge freezer is a superb choice if you have a bigger family. With an impressive 601 litre capacity, you’ll never be short on food and drink space, so it’s perfect if you like to host dinner parties and barbecues. This fridge freezer has special air vents throughout the fridge to circulate cold air which helps to maintain an even temperature, even when the door has been opened. The Fresh Zone is an isolated area which maintains a lower temperature for optimum food preservation and super chill will lower the temperature quickly when food has been added to the fridge. No water outlet is needed with this model as it’s a non-plumbed ice & water dispenser. Frost free with a moist balance salad crisper and deodoriser, this fridge freezer is a winning choice.

If you don’t require something as big, then the Panasonic NR-BN34AX2-B 60cm frost free fridge freezer with 339 litre capacity is something to consider. Incredibly popular because of its A++ energy rating, electronic touch controls, FreshCare fruit and veg compartment, ChillerCase with low humidity for meat and fish and HygieneAir anti-bacterial function. A great choice if you’re short on space.

Wash and dry…
Laundry… the Bain of our daily lives. Washing and drying clothes can be the biggest chore, especially if you’re anything like me and leave everything until the weekend to do. Meaning I end up with 5 different piles of washing to get through! There is nothing worse than having a rubbish washing machine or dryer, that doesn’t do what you need it to. Therefore, we need an advanced machine with all the latest and fancy technology. I mean you can buy washing machines now that you can control via an app, from the park, pub, or anywhere.

Let’s start with the best-selling washing machines first, well two of the best-selling, seeing as there are hundreds. The Siemens WM14N200GB 8kg IQ-300 1400rpm washing machine has variable temperatures and special programmes such as mixed shirts/blouses, rapid 15-minute quick wash, textile guard re-proofing programme, dark wash, hand wash/wool, delicates, hygiene, duvet and rapid 60. With VarioPerfect technology, this washing machine is the perfect addition to any home. It has an A+++ energy rating meaning its super energy efficient.

The Bosch WAN28201GB 8kg Serie 4 1400rpm washing machine much like the Siemens has an energy rating of A+++ making it incredibly energy efficient. This model has a reload option which allows you to add forgotten items to the drum. With special programmes such as super quick wash, dark wash, shirts, sportswear, mixed load, allergy +, super quick 15/30, duvet, night wash, rinse/spin/drain, wool and delicate/sleep this machine is perfect for someone with a busy and active lifestyle. It has VarioPerfect technology and a reduced iron option too.

Now for drying. The Samsung DV90K6000CW 9kg heat pump condenser dryer has a programme progress indicator as well as a delay timer, three drying levels; cupboard dry, extra dry and iron dry, and drying programmes; quick dry, outdoor, sportswear, ultra-delicate and wool. With a diamond drum, this dries your clothes perfectly without over drying and therefore causing damage.

Dish me up…
If you are the only cook in the house, washing up is normally the last thing you want to be doing once you’ve cooked dinner. If you can’t bribe your other half, kids or grand kids to wash them, then it’s another job to add to your list. That is unless you have a dishwasher. With so many dishwashers on the market, it’s hard to know what to go for. Dishwashers are so technologically advanced these days, what features do we really need? Just something with some top-notch cleaning power, right? But what about gleaming glasses, and zero condensation? Flexible shelves and a self-opening door? With endless options the choice becomes hard. So, perhaps our best-sellers will help you to decide.

The Neff S51L43X0GB 60cm fully integrated dishwasher is perfect for any large household. With space for 12 place settings and 4 wash programmes including a quick 45°C wash, chef 70°C, auto 45°C-60°C and economy 50°C, this dishwasher is energy efficient with an energy rating of A+. It has a dosage assist detergent dispenser so you never over or under clean your dishes. Because this is an integrated model it sits perfectly behind your cupboard door.

The Hotpoint LSTB6M19UK 45cm fully integrated dishwasher offers 10 place settings and 6 wash programmes including soak, eco, normal, intensive, express40 and half load. It has two temperature settings and electronic water softener control. This model is slim line and requires a cold-water feed and a waste outlet. With an A+ energy rating this dishwasher is energy efficient and perfect if you’re short on space.

The Fisher & Paykel DD60DCHX9 double DishDrawer with ultra-flat door is a one of a kind. DishDrawer dishwashers are designed to make doing the dishes easier than ever before. The combination of a drawer based system with smart electronics and independent wash technology delivers unparalleled cleaning and better ergonomics. Finished in stainless steel with easy open and close drawers with recessed handles. This model offers space for 14 place settings, 7 in each drawer and each drawer can be operated independently, utilising different wash programmes simultaneously. With 15 wash cycles, 6 wash programmes, fan assisted drying and delay timer, this DishDrawer has smart drive intelligent technology, intelligent load sensing for optimum performance and permanent memory of your last cycle, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It also includes built-in water softener and has an A energy rating.

So, there’s a little look at a selection of our August top-sellers. Thirteen amazing products, currently at unbeatable prices. With hundreds of appliances to shout about it’s always hard just to choose just a few!

If you require any more information on the appliances mentioned in this blog or any of the appliances on our website please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.

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