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Are you Buying the Right Range Cooker for your Kitchen? [Infographic]

Britannia Range Cookers

Choosing the right range cooker for you

When investing in a range cooker, carrying out the right level of research and planning is essential so that your final purchase is perfect for your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Read our guide to discover which features and options will be the most suitable for you.      

What size do you have room for?

Choosing the right size of range cooker should be the first step you take when finding the perfect appliance for you.

If you are renovating your kitchen, you can be more flexible with the size of your range cooker. However, if you are simply looking to replace your existing appliance, getting the dimensions right is crucial.

Range cookers come in a number of sizes, typically 90cm, 110cm and 120cm, which are somewhat bigger than standard cookers. While smaller range cookers tend to offer six hob burners or induction zones, an oven and a grill, the larger sized appliances include the standard six hob burners or induction zones, along with a built-in griddle, two ovens, a grill and also a storage drawer.

The right fuel source is crucial

Range cookers are available with different fuel sources, and choosing the right option is critical for gaining the best possible culinary experience.

Take the time to understand which fuel sources work well for different types of cooking, so that whether you are a baker or even a multicultural cook, you can invest in the right one.

Electric range cookers, whereby both the oven and hob use electricity as their heating source, are more energy efficient than alternatively fuelled range cookers. They also tend to be more stylish, with sleek, modern finishes on their induction hobs. For those who enjoy baking, electric range cookers with fan ovens can also deliver perfectly sculpted cake and cookies.

Dual fuel range cookers provide both gas and electric features within the one appliance. Their gas hobs tend to cost less to run than electric induction hobs, perfect for when you are saving towards your next kitchen appliance. Not only that, but gas hobs provide the perfect support for woks and other unique cooking accessories, so are great for those looking to try out lots of different cuisines.

Colour and style should be considered

Range cookers are available in many different designs. For more traditional houses, there are classic styles available, many of which resemble original AGA cookers. Whereas for homes with a contemporary edge, there are also range cookers designed with sleek, stunning simplicity.

Colour is also something to think about. While a few years ago, you would have had a limited choice of black, white or silver, you can now opt for appliances in any shade on the spectrum. So, think about your kitchen decor and the mood you want to emanate. If you wish to boost the appetite of dinner guests, deep hues of red work well, whereas blue shades are best for creating a sense of calm and creativity.

Any additional features are beneficial

Once you have chosen the standard features, it is time to turn your attention to personalising your range cooker.

Cleaning features are extremely popular as they can prevent the need for hours of oven scrubbing. Stay-clean liners for example, simply surround the oven and absorb any cooking spills, and are also easily replaceable.

Other popular accessories include adjustable legs, rotisseries, griddles and wok supports.

Think about how you will be using your range cooker

If you have a family, induction hobs are recommended as they come with child friendly features such as child locks and automatic heat reduction.

Meanwhile, those wanting to regularly entertain friends and family with their culinary creations should think about investing in a larger range cooker as well as warming drawers to prepare plates and keep food warm.

As these kitchen appliances play an important role in the home, taking the time to make the right choice will ensure a happy future for you, your home and your cooking.

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Rachel Campbell is a content writer for Britannia Living, supplier of premium kitchen appliances, including their well-known colourange, in which those looking to purchase a range cooker can find the perfect appliance for them in any colour they wish.

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