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New Built-in Range at Rangemaster…


I had the pleasure of going down to AGA Rangemaster in Leamington Spa yesterday to get a first hand look at the NEW built-in range and very impressive 4-in-1 tap.

Rangemaster as a brand are trustworthy and have impressive quality products. Their Range Cookers are hard to beat when it comes to functionality and beauty – so with that in mind, it didn’t take much to impress me.


So the new built-in range is modern, functional, pleasing on the eye – everything you would expect from Rangemaster.

The new range currently consists of 4 single built-in ovens, 4 double built-in ovens, 2 built-in compact ovens, 2 built-in drawers (one warming, one storage) and 7 built-in hobs (electric and gas). The latest range of built-in appliances have been designed with the consumer in mind – to make cooking a pleasure. Rangemaster have made simple choices that marry innovation with style and better yet, versatility and practicality. This collection offers premium cooking in a very simple and easy to choose format. Having seen the new range in action, cooking foods in different ways and temperatures, the functionality of these ovens are second to none.

‘Beautiful styling, refined finish and a finesse that promises to inspire you in the kitchen’.

 The 10 function models have a soft close door, 73L large capacity oven, quadruple glazed removable door (making cleaning a doddle), and stainless steel bar handle. Although some features vary between the 10, 8 and 5 function models, each of them have the functionality to suit all requirements and needs.


You also have the option for touch screen controls or stainless steel rotary controls – so if you like a more traditional oven then the stainless steel rotary control option would be for you. If, however you like the innovative, sleek design of the touch control and are looking for a more modern addition to your kitchen then that is the choice for you.


The compact ovens have been designed to compliment the built-in appliances so you can add a finishing touch to your kitchen. If you are short on space in your kitchen and don’t plan on cooking a huge turkey at Christmas time, or generally cooking in large quantities then a compact oven is a great choice as a space saving option.

The new built-in hobs come in a selection of sizes, fuel types and designs, ensuring there is something to cater for each kitchen need and style.




Rangemaster’s latest edition to their sink and tap range is GEO; an evolution in 4-in-1 taps which delivers domestic hot, cold, filtered cold and 98° hot water. I have to admit this was my favourite product of the day. This tap is smart, efficient and safe. GEO offers safe dispensing of 98° water with its child-safe key fob system. This for me was the best feature. It can be kept behind the tap out of reach of young and small hands, or kept anywhere that is metal. The GEO also has smart anti-scale technology for hassle free maintenance and efficiently delivers over 100 cups of perfectly filtered 98° water an hour. Impressive right? The GEO has an unpressurised system which ensures a fast, consistent stream of water. This means there is no splashing, spitting or steaming which quite commonly is seen from other tap systems.


Child safe Hotfob…

The little magnetic fob that comes separate to the sink ensures boiling water is only dispensed when required and helps protect from potential scolding. To get boiling water you simply place the fob at the front of the tap and the water will instantly pour. Once taken away it will instantly stop. If you’ve got a big pan you want to fill up simply attach the fob to the front of the sink and hold your pan securely. Remove it when its full. It is as simple as that. Which means its perfect for keeping little hands from exploring the hot water tap. It’ll ease your mind knowing they won’t scold themselves when washing their hands too. To store the fob somewhere safe place it behind the sink or metal surface such as a cooker hood or fridge – away from prying hands though so best to put it somewhere high. Oh and somewhere you are not likely to lose it. You get two fobs with your sink, but if you do happen to lose them, you can buy a pack of two from Rangemaster for a fairly cheap price.


Smart Boiler…

The Smart Boiler is an interactive, digital display which ensures simple control for its user. It’s easy to adjust the temperature for your favourite drinks, so if you like a good cup of tea, you can change the temperature accordingly (and avoid burning the properties in the tea). You also have the option of eco mode so you can save on costs. The best feature of the Smart Boiler is its advanced self diagnostic will alert you of any problems and ensures the long life of the system. It also tells you when the filter is due for replacing. You will get 2 warnings before it no longer works anymore, so plenty of time for you to order another one. You should only have to do this every 1-2 years.


The GEO 4-in-1 is available in two styles; classic and trend. So you have the option to choose one that fits the style of your kitchen. Both styles are available in chrome and brushed finish.


So just to recap on the GEO 4-in-1 tap; it gives you hot, cold, cold filtered and 98° hot water. Consistent 98° hot with no gushing, spitting or steam for safer use. It comes with two child safe Hotfobs which can be placed behind the tap or on a metal surface. The smart boiler has advanced diagnostic technology as well as anti-scale technology and 0.5 bar operating pressure. You can change the temperature on the smart boiler to suit accordingly as well as put it on eco mode to lower running costs.

The new built-in collection comes in many sizes, fuel types and designs to fit all shapes, sizes and kitchen styles. Offering versatility and practicality in your home.

The GEO 4-in-1 tap and all appliances in the built-in range are a great addition to any kitchen and because its Rangemaster, you can rest assured it is nothing other than great quality. So if you are after functionality, practicality and an innovative design, the GEO 4-in-1 tap and new built-in range are the appliances for you and your kitchen.

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