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6 Year Warranty & £50 Cashback with Panasonic

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£50 Cashback Now Available On Panasonic VX3 Washing Machines!

You will barely hear the VX washing machines running, because the brushless motor means high-pitched spinning noises are a thing of the past, as are expensive energy bills. Plus, the intelligent sensors ensure a thorough wash, whilst the dimpled drum is gentle on your clothes. Because of these technologies, this is Panasonic’s quickest, quietest, most efficient washing machine in 60 years of experience. In fact, they are so confident they are offering a six-year warranty at no extra cost*.

Powerful Yet Quiet

The innovative inverter motor inside many Panasonic washing machines ‘receives’ information from the 3D sensor to determine the number of drum rotations needed. This enables the motor to work most efficiently according to the size of the load and also ensure energy savings. Not only can you rest assured knowing that the inverter motor comes with a ten-year warranty – because its brushless, the motor is also extremely quiet for a more comfortable washing experience.

Carefree Washing – Spotless Results

They come with the laundry every day: stains. Some of them are absolutely common to any household – stains like tea, coffee, lipstick, wine, oil or grass. Instead of rubbing or pre-treating those stains, just use the Stain Master setting on VX3 series Panasonic washing machines. Select one of the 23 stains – from mud to chocolates to tomatoes – and depending on the stain, the machine will automatically combine the optimum temperature, washing power and soaking power to beat the stain!


Available on VX3 series washing machines, WashNavi LCD display gives you intuitive control over all the washing machine’s programmes, functions and indicators. Immediately see progress on the wash programme, temperature, spin speed and the remaining wash time. You can also set the time delay (end time up to 24 hours) and learn of any errors and their solution on the display. The Help function provides you with a complete summary of the wash programme shown on the display to make choosing the right programme easier than ever.

* 6Yr warranty only available on NA-140VX3, NA-148VX3 and NA-168VX3

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