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5 American Fridge Freezers, Perfect for Summer.

American Fridge Freezers at Appliance City

It’s not often the sun raises it’s head in good old Blighty, it did the other day, honest! We saw it and just as we were about to take a picture, it started raining.. However, despite it still be slightly changable in May the early inklings are for a very good summer. Meaning more barbeques, more ice lollies and more cool drinks.

So what better way to get ready for summer than ditching that old fridge freezer you’ve got and taking on a brand spanking new American style fridge freezer. We’ve created this handy pick list of the 5 we feel are going to be the top sellers this summer, some down to features and some down to price. Either way you look at them, these are some stunning machines:

1. Samsung RSH7ZNRS


This Samsung is feature loaded! 330 litres in the fridge.. 183 litres in the freezer. Ice and water machine (plumbed). Frost free but wait, what’s that you say? The interesting looking square on the right hand side. That, my good blog reader, is it’s centre piece:

RSH7ZNBP Homebar

Welcome to home bar! That’s right, your fridge has just turned into a mini bar for you. A quick drop of the drawer and you have instant access to the goodies inside. Saving money and energy by not opening the main door, the drawer is strong enough to take some glasses, let you pour out your drinks to perfection and maximise that crisp cold pleasure. For more information on this fridge freezer click here.


2. Smeg FQ60XP


Let’s talk 4 doors, but not just any 4 door fridge freezer. This is a Smeg, if you don’t know Smeg by now then frankly, where have you been? Quality and quirky whether it’s a retro 50’s style fridge or a glorious range cooker.. Smeg certainly know what they are doing. Same goes with this 4 door style American Fridge Freezer.

smeg 2

No ice and water here, so this is for the household who love their freezer space. Should the power go off during the world cup or Wimbledon there will be no need to panic, this clever Smeg fridge freezer will sit holding your goods in storage for up to 15 hours. Enter the Smeg world of appliances by clicking here.


3. Samsung RR82FDSW and RZ80FDSW

samsung rr82fdsw rz80fdsw

Appliance City you are frankly cheating… that’s 2 model numbers, we heard you cry. Well technically it’s cheating, but hear us out. These Samsung’s are designed to go together, the handles meet in the middle to give an impression of one American style fridge freezer. Together they span 1.2 metres, making this 1 American fridge freezer colossal with a whopping 627 litres of space. But here’s the best bit.. All that fridge freezer for £749 delivered! Now that, frankly, is a bargain. Click here to grab it.


There is a sliver version available too which comes with a water dispenser, shown above, slightly more expensive.. Click here for more details on the RR82PDRS and RZ80FDRS


4. Fisher & Paykel RF610ADX4


Some of us in life like a contemporary and classy looking appliance. It’s not all about litres and gadgets and with this Fisher Paykel you get the refined classy look with this 3 door French styled fridge freezer. BUT you get all the litres and gadgets anyway! So win win for everyone..

rf610 2

This fridge freezer has 541 litres of capacity, weighted towards a huge fridge section of 451 litres, crisper bins for your salad and door alarms. We haven’t even mentioned bottle chill, fast freeze, electronic interface etc etc.. Click here to see the contemporary side of refrigeration.



CDA have really come up trumps with this 4 door American style fridge freezer, this isn’t the biggest you’ll see on this page. What we have here is a cracking little fridge freezer oozing quality at an amazing price. No water dispenser but you can manually make your ice in the freezer department, it’s A+ in efficiency and come with a 2 year warranty.

pc44bl 2

So what is the price? This little treat is delivered for £649, not bad at all.. click here to see it on our website.

There are plenty more American style fridge freezers available on our website, some good prices from Daewoo and not forgetting the immense efficiency of Liebherr. Click here to have a look out our full range. There’s a handy filter on the left hand side meaning you can narrow the results to get your perfect summer deal. We are available on the phone for any refrigeration advice, call 01159 651937.

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