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20 Of Our Favourite Food Blogs!

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There are so many food blogs out there it’s sometimes hard to know where to start and, looking for a recipe when you’re stuck for inspiration, can be a little overwhelming! We’ve put together 20 of our favourite food blogs for you to browse through. Hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

1. Food52



Food52 should probably be in every foodie’s favourites. It’s packed full of articles and recipes with separate columns so if you favour a particular contributor you can easily follow them and keep up to date with their latest recipes and stories. There us a huge amount of interesting, unique and innovative recipes and if you create an account with a site, you can even add your own. A nice addition to this site is the contests section, where users can enter their dishes and then others can vote for a winner. This nice little community is further boosted by the Hotline section where you can ask questions and get answers from other users. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

2. The Cupcake Project

Cupcake Project


The design of this blog couldn’t be better suited to its subject: CUPCAKES! And boy does this have A LOT of cupcake recipes. I’m pretty sure you could never run out of unique things to try from this website, and we love it! Stef, the blog owner, is constantly coming up with whacky and unique concoctions (wine and cheese cupcakes and moonshine and sweet tea cupcakes for example!) and made it her mission to find the ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe. She even had the recipe tested by over 50 bakers, just to be sure! Although this blog focuses on cupcakes, there are many other recipes, too, so there is plenty to browse through. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

3. Spoon Fork Bacon

Spoon Fork Bacon


Spoon Fork Bacon is a really nicely designed site that is easy to navigate and is a pleasure to browse through. The blog focuses mainly on providing recipes which are set into categories such as Everyday Recipes, Party Food, Happy Hour and Quick & Easy. The photos that accompany the recipes really bring the food to life and it won’t be long before you find your mouth watering and your belly grumbling! And FYI we particularly like their party food section! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

4. Souvlaki For The Soul

Souvlaki For The Soul


Souvlaki For The Soul is a very nice blog with some very yummy photography. If you’re a fan of Greek food this blog is for you, but blog owner Peter doesn’t just limit his posts there. Other recipes you can find include carrot and orange soup, pulled pork sandwiches and lamb empanadas. We recommend you try the fasolakia (one of our favourite dishes) and maybe even the chocolate baklava (a rich twist on a Greek classic).  Some nice additions to the blog include the reviews and places section which are again accompanied by some lovely photography. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

5. The Salt

The Salt


The Salt is the food section of the National Public Radio. At first inspection you might think that this blog doesn’t deserve a place in a top food blogs blog post; it’s not full of crazy recipes and beautifully shot photos. But, what The Salt does provide, is a lot of interesting, important and useful food related news. If you are particularly interested in eating healthily, sustainability and how food production affects the environment, you should check out The Salt. Of course, there are some more light hearted posts, such as Sandwich Monday.

6. Alex Thomopoulos

Alex T Cooks


This is a lovely site which focuses on gluten-free cooking. But, like they say in the about page, don’t let that scare you away! Gluten-free food is nothing to be scared of and Alex proves that with her great recipes. She’s the host of two shows and you can view videos in the video section. We really like this site and Alex, and you very easily forget that the site looks at a gluten-free diet. Twitter and Pinterest.

7. Tartelette


Tartelette is the blog of French expat, Helene. It’s devoted to food photography so it’s no surprise that the blog has a lovely design with some gorgeous photos that are going to have your tastebuds screaming “GIVE ME THAT!”. If you’re a fan of sweets then this blog is a must because there are so many unique recipes that look absolutely delicious (seriously everything looks like it belongs in a patisserie!). Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram.

8. Gluten Free Bitches


This is a very interesting and inspiring blog set up by Sarah, who discovered 4 years ago that she has a sensitivity to gluten. The blog details her food experimentation and discoveries and gives hope to others who have certain dietary requirements; it doesn’t mean food has to be boring! There are lots of interesting recipes accompanied by some nice photos, restaurant reviews and a helpful tools section. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

9. Adventures In Cooking


With Eva’s style of writing, reading her blog posts is very enjoyable. Combine this with some great recipes and delicious looking food with modern twists on classics like the balsamic cherry pie with a black pepper crust, and this food blog is a must for all foodies! Avery nice addition is the Tips & Tricks section which gives advice on flour, yeast, sugar, water, salt, fats, gluten, flakiness, tenderness, chilling dough and kneading. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

10. Love & Lemons

Love and Lemons


This site has a lot of recipes which are easy to browse though as you can check different options such as special diet, meal type and ingredients. The way the images are put together and edited is really nice and makes it stand out against other blogs. In the resources section you can find some basic tips and advice and the shop takes you through to some stylish, vintage kitchen accessories. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

11. Kitchen Scoop

Kitchen Scoop


This website has a nice design and is the personal blog of Alicia Ross. Make your way to the Recipe Scoop section and you can browse recipes by style, by meal/menu item or by main ingredient. Head on over to the Life Scoop section and you’ll find the personal blog of Alicia, a nice touch if you like to feel a little more connected with the person behind the blog. There are more sections to keep you entertained such as Coffee Convo, Book Scoop, Travel Scoop and our favourites: Kitchen Basics and the Photo Gallery. There is also a video section which is always a great addition to a food blog. Twitter.

12. Straight Up Food

Straight Up Food

Straight Up Food is a vegan blog with recipes and advice on eating a natural, whole food rich, animal food free diet. If you’re thinking of taking your eating habits in this direction, or perhaps you are a vegan looking for some new recipes, then this blog is for you. There are lots of yummy recipes from breakfast burritos and oatmeal-lemon pancakes to curried French lentils and persimmon icecream. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

13. Joy Of Baking

Joy of Baking


Joy of Baking has been around for an incredible 16 years, so it’s no surprise that is has a seemingly endless list of recipes. For baking fans, this website should be your first port of call if you’re stuck on what to whip up (we recommend their chocolate brownie recipe!). There really is something for everyone on this site and they also have a video recipe section. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

14. Sodium Girl

sodium girl


After learning of some health complications including kidney failure, Jessica set out to get healthy and she created Sodium Girl. Her blog brings you salt-free, low-sodium recipes which you can browse by type, meal, entertaining, effort, main ingredient and even impossible eats. We particularly like the Tip Jar, which gives tips on eating a low-sodium diet. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

15. 101 Cookbooks

101 cookbooks


101 Cookbooks looks at blog owner Heidi’s attempts to stop just buying cookbooks and start actually cooking! There are lots and lots of recipes, it’s impossible to get bored with this blog and the nice simple design and pretty photography doesn’t hurt. There is also a travel section which is really nice. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest.

16. TasteSpotting

Taste Spotting


Taste Spotting is a collection of photos and recipes from across lots of different blogs. Browse through, see which dishes catch your eye and then click on them to be taken through to the blog with the recipe. It’s also a great way to find new blogs to follow. Twitter and Facebook

17. Foodgawker


Foodgawker is very similar to Taste Spotting in that it is a collection of recipes from across the web. What it features is different though so it’s another great site to have in your favourites when you’re in need of some culinary inspiration. Twitter and Facebook.

18. Ambitious Kitchen

ambitious kitchen


Follow blog owner Monique’s interesting recipes and experimentation with food as well as her personal stories and passion to inspire! If you like food blogs that have personality and something a little different now and then, you should check out Ambitious Kitchen. Twitter and Facebook.

19. The Ravenous Couple

ravenous couple


The Ravenous Couple combines some great recipes with the personal stories of blog owners Hong and Kim. With Vietnamese heritage, you’ll find a lot of interesting Vietnamese recipes to try out but if this doesn’t take your fancy, they also have many other recipes to suit every taste. They also have a nice video section which is worth checking out. Twitter and Facebook.

20. Another Lunch

another lunch


There aren’t many blogs or website that focus on kids, so we thought it would be a good idea to include one. We came across Another Lunch and found it fun and helpful. It looks at making kids lunches not JUST another lunch, but something to inspire them and keep the interested in food. Twitter and Facebook.


So there are some of our favourite food blogs, which are yours?

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