Whether you like baking, roasting, boiling, grilling or slow cooking Miele offer a range of single built-in ovens that enable your creative cooking juices to flow. With a range of cooking functions, pyrolytic models and the option for moisture plus, Miele ovens are a great choice for the modern kitchen. Their contour line is seamless and sits perfectly in a ‘gallery’ setting. You can rely on your Miele oven for up to 20 years – they’ve been tried and tested.

Highlights of the Miele Ovens

Special applications

Fulfil your wishes 

Certain kitchen tasks only work perfectly if a particular temperature is chosen or a particular climate is present in the cooking compartment.  So, for example, proving dough and drying fruit.

Moisture Plus

Added moisture for optimum results.

Perfect baking and roasting results can be achieved with moisture through the combination of different operating modes. Meat becomes tender and succulent and acquires an appetising browned crust, bread and rolls taste as if fresh from the bakery. The bursts of steam in Moisture plus mode can be programmed for greater convenience. Moisture plus is also used in various automatic programmes.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Treat yourself to minimum effort

Pyrolytic cleaning is an automatic process in which residue in the oven is incinerated to ash at a very high temperature. This makes arduous scrubbing and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past. The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature turns all food residue to ash which can be easily removed from the oven surfaces without a trace. When it comes to energy consumption: As much as necessary – as little as possible.

Food Probe

Easy control of the cooking process

Like the wireless Miele food probe, the cabled version allows for precise and customised roasting of fish, meat and poultry by monitoring the core temperature. With a countdown indicator there is no need to watch the cooking process. Using the food probe is simple and easy and makes menu planning enjoyable.

FlexiClip Runners

Ergonomic, safe and fully telescopic

The fully extending runners allow baking trays, baking and roasting racks and gourmet oven dishes to be pulled completely out of the cooking compartment and held securely in any position. So you can comfortably baste a roast or turn food over, for example, without the risk of burning yourself on the hot oven interior. Versatile use at every level.

Automatic Programmes

Cooking and baking with surefire success

With electronically regulated programmes for over 100 international dishes, you can cook and bake cakes, bread, meat, etc. to perfection. No need to programme the mode or temperature and duration. In addition, the degree of cooking and the browning level, e.g. for meat, can be individually defined. Thanks to special automatic programmes for low temperature cooking, you can enjoy perfectly cooked, restaurant quality meat.

Note that not every appliance has every feature shown – see the individual product details to determine which features apply.