Highlights of the Miele Microwaves

40cm Turntable

The flexible one

The 40 cm turntable provides plenty of room for different sized containers or several glasses, cups or plates at the same time. This large turntable provides versatile use for all kinds of food and drink. The continuous rotary motion ensures that dishes are cooked evenly.

Automatic Programmes

For the inexperienced as well 

Thanks to the automatic programmes Miele microwave ovens become culinary experts. Simply choose the desired programme and enter the weight of the food, for example. The appliance automatically determines the power level and cooking time. No other operation or monitoring is necessary. Thanks to the automatic programmes for defrosting, defrosting followed by cooking, and for the preparation of fresh food, all dishes are an absolute success.

Clock Functions

Practical signal function 

The timer can be used independently of the microwave, e.g. when boiling eggs. The function is activated with two easy actions and gives an acoustic signal when the time entered has elapsed.

XL Cabinet

More capacity for versatile use

Appliances with TopControl have a large stainless steel cooking compartment with a capacity of 46 l. This is how your microwave becomes a miracle worker for more space.